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   From the Editor's Desk     Saying it like it is!
     CPU  Status Report       Computer Products Update
     Fred Fish on Portal      900 Fred Fish disks Online
        Online Weekly         Amiga Report Online
     AR available on WWW      Read it while on the InterNet!
 NewTek unveils the SCREAMER  A 3D rendering engine
 EGS-28/24 Spectrum from GVP  A New 24-bit Graphics Board
       Tip of the Week        There's a better way!
   The Emulation Examiner     MS-DOS BridgeBoards
 Bountiful Bevelled Buttons   Creating Buttons FUW The Director
     AR Special Feature!      The World Wide Amiga BBS List (1st ed.)
 Application for the W-WABL   Get your BBS on the World Wide Amiga BBSlist!
        PageMaker 5.0         A look at the newest version of PageMaker
         Reader Mail          The readers speak!
 Amiga Report asks for help!  We need an IFF brush viewer!
    The Humor Department      Computer in contempt!