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                        FISH UP TO #900 NOW ONLINE!
                    That's NINE HUNDRED DISKS, kids :)

Fish Disks #891-900 arrived in our library today. For those of you
who are new here, "go amigafish" takes you to the Amiga Zone's
separate Fred Fish Disk library. You will find ALL NINE HUNDRED
Fish disks there, each in its own collection. Not some of them.
Not just new-ish disks.


We have a LOT of disk space here. Unlike some other services whose
names I won't name, we don't have to delete files every 3 minutes
just so there's room for new uploads. WE HAVE A *LOT* OF DISK
SPACE HERE :) so we can keep the entire Fred Fish library online,
24 hours a day, 365 days a year, no matter HOW large that library
grows in the future. That's our promise to you and you can
count on it. Take it to the bank. Don't worry be happy :-)))

"Go amigafish" from any command prompt anywhere on Portal takes
you to the Amiga Zone Fish library.

"Go amigafish;0" to get to the area where the mass contents files
and indexes and indexing programs and their databases (such as
Aquarium and KingFisher and etc.) are kept.

"go amigafish;nnn" where nnn is any number from 1 to 900 to go
to a particular disk instantly.

"go amigafish;p t e" to go to the newest page of disks.

And now, I need your help. Our online disks #881-890 don't have
text versions of the "contents" files. I can't find Fred Fish's
announcement about those ten disks (the ten before the newest
ten that arrived today) anywhere.

If you have the "contents" file that Fred releases, covering
disks #881 through 890, please email it to "harv" here on Portal
so I can put it in the library and split it up and put each of those
ten disks' contents text with their collections.

Harv Laser
Amiga Zone Sysop