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I dunno if any of you listen to NPR (Natioanl Public Radio) in the
morning, but today (Sun, 10Apr93) there was a news interview with a 
bankruptcy judge who let this couple file bankruptcy. The couple's 
$25,000 debt to this bank was dissolved but the bank's computer kept 
sending the couple mail stating that they need to pay this money. The 
judge ordered the bank to clear the couple's name from the computer so 
that they would stop getting these notices. Well the computer kept on 
sending them even though the bank cleared the couple out. After a while,
and with the judge believing that the bank was trying to resolve the 
problem with the computer, the Judge finally issued a court order 
TO THE COMPUTER stating that if the computer did not stop, the computer 
would be in comtempt of court and fined 50MB of hard drive space and 
10MB of RAM.  Well the computer kept it up and so the judge ordered 
THE COMPUTER to give up the 50MB of HD space and 10MB of RAM, later 
the notices stopped, and found with a note from the computer signed 
with a bar code, was a 50MB HD and a strip of chips for 10MB of RAM.
...and who says the court system doesn't work!?! (This IS a TRUE story!!).