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/// PAGEMAKER 5.0 STR InfoFile   

                            ALDUS PAGEMAKER 5.0
                           Macintosh and Windows

                         ABSOLUTE PUBLISHING POWER

NEW FEATURES IN 5.0!  Aldus(R) PageMaker(R) 5.0 gives you absolute power to
produce  professional-quality  publications.  With  more than  100  new  or
enhanced  features,  PageMaker  5.0  delivers  remarkable  advancements  in
control, integration, and versatility.

Version 5.0  introduces many  new features  for increased productivity  and
greater  freedom of design, chief  among them incremental  rotation of both
text  and  graphics, the  ability  to  open  and  work  on  more  than  one
publication at a time, and built-in process-color separation. 

What's  more, the  Control  palette and  Aldus  Additions technology,  both
brand-new  under  Windows  and  significantly enhanced  for  the  Macintosh
version, offer you the creative freedom  and performance you need to design
and produce world-class publications of virtually any kind.

                       MAXIMUM PRECISION AND CONTROL

Rotation and skewing of text and graphics in 0.01! increments

Horizontal and vertical reflection of objects

Intuitive  Control palette to position,  scale, or crop  objects and select
the type attributes of individual characters or whole paragraphs

Numerically exact positioning and  rotation of any object, from  its center
or any handle

Specific "nudge" amounts for exact positioning

Incrementally rotated inline graphics

Cropping of rotated objects

Text mode of the palette visible in layout or story editor views

Numeric kerning

Baseline shift

Process-color separations of PageMaker text and graphics, as well as
imported CMYK TIFF*, DCS, and EPS images, all without leaving PageMaker

Nonconsecutive page-range printing

Object-level overprinting of PageMaker graphics

Printing scalable up to 1600%

Virtually unlimited thumbnails, including from PCL printers

Automatic centering of the page on whatever paper you're using

More printers' marks, including date/time stamping, color-control strips,
and density-control bars on separations

Overprinting for any spot or process color or tint

Spot-to-process conversion at printing

Choice of printing individual inks of process-color separations

Automatic scaling of the page to the paper size

Separate line and fill attributes

Choice of transparent or opaque dash lines

Support for up to 18 language dictionaries, plus any number of installable
hyphenation dictionaries

New search-and-replace capabilities for a character's position and case

Sophisticated kerning and track editing


Many new or improved filters, including:

-  PICT-to-Metafile and Metafile-to-PICT conversions

-  DXF, WPG, Kodak Photo CD

-  GEM and Ventura Publisher%

OLE, using PageMaker as a client application

Ability to embed EPS files in a publication or leave them out, still linked
ease of updating

Images scanned directly into the PageMaker publication, using the new TWAIN

Font mapping for identifying missing fonts in a publication and
substituting others, using the PANOSE* editable font- translation list

% With PageMaker 5.0 for Windows only

** With PageMaker 5.0 for the Macintosh only

                            NEW FEATURES IN 5.0

                          UNPARALLELED VERSATILITY

Custom line weights from 0.1 to 800 points

Proprietary color libraries, including PANTONE(* (spot, process, and
Euroscale), Trumatch, Focoltone, and Dainippon

Ability to create you own color libraries and reuse them

Spot colors, process colors, or tints of either

                              ALDUS ADDITIONS

Extend PageMaker's capabilities for specific publishing scenarios, simplify
and speed up routine tasks, or write your own Addition scripts to further
customize PageMaker.

Both versions of PageMaker 5.0 come with a wide range of easy-to-install
Additions, each addressing common publishing needs:


-  Build Booklet

-  Drop Cap

-  Group It

-  Keyliner

-  Open Template

-  Printer Styles

-  Sort Pages

                        MANAGING TEXT AND TYPOGRAPHY

-  Add Cont'd Line

-  Balance Columns

-  Bullets and Numbering

-  Convert Ventura File

-  Edit All Stories

-  Edit Tracks

-  Expert Kerning

-  Find Overset Text

-  List Styles Used

-  Running Headers/Footers

-  Traverse Text Blocks


-  Display Pub Info

-  Display Story Info

-  Display Text Block Info


-  Run Script

-  Run Script Repeatedly**


Ability to open and work on as many Page-Maker publications as your system
will allow;

Ability to "drag and drop" text and objects among open publications

Tile and Cascade features for organizing publications on the screen

Listing of all open publications for easily navigating among open

Library palette for storing common images (with "drag and drop")

Compatibility with Aldus( Fetch* image cataloging and retrieval program`

Custom magnification (up to 800%) for zooming in to a particular part of
the page

Ability to edit rotated text directly in a layout (even the cursor is

Automatic text flow, without having to display every page

Keyboard shortcuts quickly accessible in the Control palette

Automatic resizing of Indents/tabs ruler according to the size of your
screen display

Global preferences for story editor settings

Easily removable ruler guides

Redesigned print dialog boxes

Helpful suggestions from the PostScript error handler to help solve common
printing problems

Color swatches on the improved Colors palette

Automatic appearance of colors used inimported EPS files

Visual distinction between process colors, spot colors, tints, and imported
EPS colors

Line and fill settings specifiable on Colors palette

                           SYSTEM RECOMMENDATIONS


On an IBM or compatible PC, Aldus PageMaker 5.0 requires Microsoft Windows
3.1 (or later) and Windows 3.1-compatible hardware.

A 486- or 386-based computer is recommended, with 4MB of RAM, an 80MB hard
drive, a high-resolution graphics adaptor card, and a mouse.

A PostScript-language or PCL laser printer, color printer, or imagesetter
is required for output.


On the Apple Macintosh, PageMaker is System 7 savvy. It also runs under
System 6.0.7 with Finder 6.1.7 or later.

Any Macintosh II series, Quadra, or SE/30 computer is recommended, with
5P8MB of RAM and an 80MB hard drive.

A color, grayscale, or black-and-white device, such as a
PostScript-compatible or QuickDraw-compatible laser printer, or a
PostScript-language imagesetter, is required for output.

NEW UNDER WINDOWS (contained in Mac PM 4.2)

PageMaker 5.0 is, of course, file-compatible on the Macintosh and Windows

platforms, and the new and enhanced features shown elsewhere on this
brochure apply to both versions. In addition, users of PageMaker for
Windows will appreciate these new features, which first appeared in
PageMaker 4.2 for the Macintosh:


Automatic true typographers' quotation marks

Baseline-to-baseline leading

Multiple-paste command, speeding up step-and-repeat work


Page sizes up to 42" x 42"

Option to unlink files

Standalone Dictionary Editor utility

No limit to the number of copies printed at once

"Apply" button in the Indents/tabs dialog box

Keyboard shortcuts for applying styles

Options to save files faster or smaller

Interruptible screen redraw

Double-click shortcut to reset zero point

     PageMaker 5.0 features significant  advances in precision and control,
smooth  integration   with  other  software  and   hardware,  and  expanded
versatility in the  wide range  of printed communications  it can  produce.
With the advent of  version 5.0, product functions are  virtually identical
under the Windows and Macintosh operating systems-so much so that customers
will receive the same user manual for both computing environments.

     "PageMaker  5.0 is the most  ambitious release of  the world's leading
desktop publishing  product," said  Lori Birtley, senior  product marketing
manager. "Its feature set was designed  with a great deal of customer input
and is  based  on more  than  500,000 lines  of  new code.  We've  received
feedback  from more  than  2,500 beta  sites  and evaluators,  and  they're
applauding the new features and speed improvements."

     Birtley  added  that  customer  demand  for  PageMaker  5.0  has  been
extremely high, leading to a record number of upgrade orders. "This product
is one of the most visible examples of our commitment to providing the best
software products for the graphics professional."

     Extensive third-party support reflects worldwide leadership

     As the  world leader  in professional page-layout  software, PageMaker
offers  extensive  support  from third  parties.  More  than  30 books  and
training manuals about  PageMaker 5.0  are being produced.  Some 120  Aldus
Authorized Trainers in the United States alone offer a variety of levels of
end-user  training.  Many independent  developers  are  readying new  Aldus
Additions that will continue  to extend PageMaker's professional publishing
capabilities. And a record number of U.S. and Canadian service  bureaus are
becoming members of the Aldus Authorized Imaging Center program.

     To coincide with the  recent introduction of PageMaker 5.0,  Aldus has
created  special support programs  for service  providers, such  as service
bureaus and imaging  centers. These programs  offer, among others,  regular
technical  bulletins,  toll-free  telephone  access  to  specially  trained
support  technicians,  and discounts  on  Aldus  software. In  addition,  a
specially trained team of  Aldus product experts has been  leading seminars
throughout the country. The seminars give service providers key information
about  the new PageMaker  so they  can be ready  for the  product when they
begin receiving PageMaker 5.0 files.

     In  the  PageMaker  box  itself,  Aldus  has included  its  Commercial
Printing Guide, which offers help in preparing PageMaker files for prepress
production, as well as tips on how to work with service bureaus.

     Superior features meet the highest publishing standards

     PageMaker 5.0  rotates  and skews  text  and graphics  in  0.01-degree
increments,  along with horizontal and  vertical reflection of objects. The
user can also edit rotated text  and crop rotated graphics directly in page
layout  view. The Control palette  affords precise placement  and sizing of
both text and graphics on the page.

     Aldus  has  completely  rewritten  the  PostScript  printing  code  in
PageMaker 5.0. The  product brings to  the market  the highest quality  and
fastest  throughput  for  virtually  any  kind  of  printed  communication.
Printing speeds, including those  for background printing, are up  to twice
as fast  as those of the nearest competitor.  The Print dialog box has been
redesigned to  allow for pages  to be printed  in any sequence or  group of
sequences-a  significant  time   saving.  Crop,  registration,  and   plate
identification are among the printers' marks PageMaker 5.0 offers.  Service
bureaus  and  end-users alike  will benefit  from  its new  custom printing
options. For example, it's  now possible to define and  save print settings
and  to send  multiple files  with different  settings to an  output device

     PageMaker 5.0 for  Windows includes  many new or  improved import  and
export  filters, such  as Kodak  Photo CD,  DXF, WordPerfect  Graphics, and
Metafile/PICT   conversion.  The   product  supports   OLE  (as   a  client
application) on  both Windows  and Macintosh  systems, as  well as the  new
TWAIN  standard   for  direct  scanning.  The  PANOSE  font  mapper,  which
identifies  a  publication's  missing  fonts and  then  substitutes  other,
available fonts, will also be shipped with PageMaker 5.0.

     Built-in  Aldus  Additions  technology  lets  users  tailor  PageMaker
operations to meet  their specific publishing  needs. End-users can  create
their  own PageMaker  scripts,  while third-party  developers  can use  the
technology  to create Additions that give PageMaker new capabilities.  More
than 20 Aldus Additions  are included with  each version of PageMaker  5.0.
Several-including Expert Kerning,  which automatically adjusts  the spacing
between  characters,  and  Edit   Tracks,  for  customizing  font  tracking
information on  a point-size  basis-enhance the already  strong typographic
capabilities  in  PageMaker.  Other  Additions are  supplied  for  grouping
objects, sorting pages, and creating running headers and footers.

     PageMaker   now  produces   process-color   separations  of   complete
pages-including text and graphics, as well  as imported CMYK TIFF, DCS, and
EPS images. The  number of color  libraries has  been increased to  include
Dainippon, Focoltone, Munsell, Toyo,  and Trumatch, as well as  the PANTONE
spot, process, and Euroscale  definitions. Users can also create  their own
custom color libraries.

     The product  now offers the  ability to  open virtually any  number of
publications simultaneously.  Tile and  cascade  capabilities organize  the
publications on screen.  Customers can  "drag and drop"  text and  graphics
between  open  publications-saving significant  time  and  effort. The  new
Library  palette stores  frequently used  images, again  with drag-and-drop

System configuration

     Aldus PageMaker  5.0 for  Windows requires Microsoft  Windows 3.1  and
Windows 3.1-compatible hardware. A 486 or 386-based DOS-compatible computer
is recommended,  with 4MB  of RAM,  an 80MB  hard drive,  a high-resolution
graphics adaptor card, and a mouse.

Technical support and pricing

     First-time  purchasers of PageMaker 5.0 will be able to take advantage
of  an innovative  product-support program:  For 90  days from  their first
telephone call  for assistance,  support technicians will  be available  to
them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After the 90 days, 24-hour support will
be  offered to  those customers  who subscribe  to the  Aldus CustomerFirst
extended-support program. 

     The  suggested retail price of PageMaker 5.0 is $895 (U.S.). Customers
who purchased version 4.0 (for Windows) after January 1, 1993, are eligible
for   a  free  upgrade  to  version  5.0,  if  they  return  their  product
registration card and the  dated original proof of purchase.  Customers who
purchased  PageMaker  4.0 or  an earlier  Windows  version before  1993 can
upgrade for $150 (U.S.). Upgrades are available directly from Aldus or from
Aldus dealers. Greater  discounts apply  for customers who  have a  service
contract with Aldus.

     Aldus Europe  and Aldus Pacific  Rim will announce  localized language
versions and support and upgrade policies for other markets shortly.

     Aldus Corporation  (NASDAQ: ALDC) creates computer  software solutions
that help  people throughout the world  effectively communicate information
and ideas. The company focuses on three lines of business: applications for
the  professional publishing  and  prepress markets;  applications for  the
general consumer market; and service and support  programs for professional
end-users.  Aldus has  subsidiaries in  Europe, Asia,  and the  Pacific Rim
serving a worldwide network of dealers and distributors.

                             Aldus Corporation
                              411 First Avenue
                    South Seattle, WA  98104-2871 U.S.A.
                           Tel. (1) 206 628 2320

Aldus, the Aldus  logo, and PageMaker are registered  trademarks, TIFF is a
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