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/// From the Editor's Desk                        "Saying it like it is!"

Egad.  You take a week off and stuff starts to pile up.  Honest, I had no
idea this week's issue would end up so big!  Yikes.  It's the largest one
yet.  I've been trying to keep the size under 200K, but this time I just
couldn't do anything about it, not and keep information current.  I left
out most non-Amiga news this week, and didn't run any Usenet Reviews.  And
we're still pushing 225K.

The move went smoothly, and there is a new local Amiga Report distribtution
site, Omaha AmigaNet (check the Where To Find section for details).  Many
thanks to Sysop Andy Wasserman for volunteering his system as a support

There will be no A.M.I.G.A. article this week from Chad Freeman.  At last
report, he was chasing his computer around the yard as it attempted to cut
the grass.  Either that or his fan was producing enough thrust to launch a
747 into orbit, I'm not sure which.  He hopes to have the thing tied down
in time for next week's issue.  Meanwhile, if you have some heavy-duty
tethering wire, you might want to send some his way.

That's it for this week.  Enjoy!

                             Rob @ Amiga Report