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/// Fred Fish Update!

Disks 891-900 are now available.  Shipping to all those who have preordered
disks should be complete by 4-Aug-93.

Note that you can get a copy of the catalog (2 disks) of the complete library
contents by sending $3 for disks, postage, and mailer to:

        Fred Fish
        Catalog Disk Requests
        1835 East Belmont Drive
        Tempe, Arizona  85284

Thanks to all who submitted new and interesting material.  If you submitted
something in the past and it has not yet appeared in the library, please
feel free to resubmit it, particularly if it was several months ago.  I
sometimes hesitate to include material submitted more than about six
months ago because of some vague feeling that as soon as I include version
1.01 submitted many months ago, I'll see version 5.23 posted on usenet.

For those wishing to submit material for possible inclusion in the library,
here are a few simple guidelines that will make my job of organizing the
material MUCH easier and GREATLY increase your chances of having the material
accepted for inclusion:

1.      Don't submit bootable disks or disks with any other sort of
        proprietary material included, since I then have to go examine
        each file to decide if it is distributable or not, and if not,
        what effect removing it might have.  Unless the material is
        particularly interesting, I frequently just toss such disks
        into the recycling bin.

2.      Organize the distribution in a manner similar to my disks.  I.E,
        place all files related to a particular submission under a single
        directory on the disk.  If there is more than one submission per
        disk, place each submission in its own directory.

3.      Try to write a simple entry for my "Contents" listing that
        summarizes your submission.  It should be about 3-10 lines, and
        include the current version number, the version and disk number
        of the most recent version (if any) that was last included in the
        library, whether or not source is included, and an "Author" list.

4.      Ensure that your submission will run correctly from its sub-
        directory and if necessary, supply a script runnable from workbench
        (via :c/xicon or c:iconx) that makes all necessary assigns, copies
        fonts and libraries, etc.

5.      Send your submission in a sturdy envelope with sufficient padding.




AskEnv          A requester construction tool for use with DOS-scripts, AREXX
                and any other language that can start an external program.
                System and file requesters may be called by command line args,
                and config files allow construction of complex requesters
                containing almost any type of gadtools gadgets.  Extended
                gadget types can call file requesters and start programs.
                Results are stored in environment variables.  Requires OS 2.04,
                Version 2.5, binary only.
                Author:  Bengt Giger

DiskSalv2       A disk repair, salvage, and undelete utility for all standard
                disk devices and file system types.  Has a full Intuition
                interface and runs from Workbench or Shell.  It can fix most
                problems in-place, and can reverse a partial or QUICK format.
                It can copy out from disks that can't be fixed due to physical
                damage, with a destination going to any AmigaDOS disk device
                or pipe (eg, TAPE:).  In English, locale catalogs included for
                Danish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Finnish, and
                Swedish, short manuals in English and Swedish.  Extensive
                update to DiskSalv 1.42 on disk 251.  Requires AmigaOS 2.04
                or later.  Uncrippled Shareware, binary only, V11.27.
                Author:  Dave Haynie

HDClick         A Harddisk-Menu and Workbench-Tool.  Easily start programs,
                batchfiles or ARexx-scripts simply by clicking on a gadget.
                Opens its own screen or only a small window on the Workbench.
                Includes an AppWindow/AppIcon to view pictures, listen to
                samples, print texts or even decrunch archives by just drag-
                ging an Icon on the AppObject.  Gadgets can have their own
                fonts and colors.  Unlimited number of sub-menus.  Easily
                configurable, with Online-Help.  Requires OS 2.04. Version
                2.53, an update to V2.0 on disk 605.  Binary only, shareware.
                Author:  Claude Muller

ROMTagMem       Adds non-autoconfig memory as early as possible to the memory
                list.  In situations where you have only CHIP memory and non-
                autoconfig memory, your system will run faster and have more
                CHIP memory available if as many system structures as possible
                are not in CHIP memory.  Binary only.
                Author:  John Matthews

Skew            Skeleton Writer is a tool for generating C code for various
                Intuition based applications.  You click the mouse and the
                code gets written.  Similar to PowerSource and GadToolsBox,
                but with slightly different functionality.  Version 1.28,
                an update to version 1.2 on disk 746.  Includes source.
                Author:  Piotr Obminski


DviHp           A printer driver for HP LaserJet (trademark of the Hewlett
                Packard Company) and compatible printers.  It translates DVI
                files, usually generated by TeX, to a code understood by
                HP-LJ (PCL - printer control language).  DviHp supports down-
                loading fonts, which gives you extremely fast output.  It
                allows you to include IFF ILBM files into your documents.
                Version 1.0, binary only.
                Author:  Ales Pecnik

Gemini10X       All-new printer driver for Star Gemini-10X and 15X printers.
                Features graphics resolutions twice as high as the Commodore
                provided "EpsonXOld" driver.  Version 35.1, binary only.
                Author:  Michael Bohnisch

Indent          A C source code formatter/indenter.  Especially useful for
                cleaning up inconsistently indented code.  Version 1.8, an
                update to version 1.7 on disk 821.  Includes source.
                Author:  Various, Amiga port by Carsten Steger

Look            A powerful program for creating and showing disk magazines.
                Supports IFF pictures, IFF brushes, ANSI, fonts, PowerPacker,
                and many more features.  Programmed in assembly language to
                be small and fast.  German language only.  Version 1.9, an
                update to version 1.6 on disk 816.  Shareware, binary only.
                Author:  Andre Voget

MouseAideDEMO   DEMO version of a "Mouse" utility which has all the standard
                functions: Mouse Acceleration with threshhold, window and
                screen manipulation by mouse and keyboard, mouse and screen
                blanking, SUN (auto-activation) mouse, user definable "hot
                key" command, Keyboard "String" macros, etc...  But also has
                functions other "Mouse" programs do NOT, such as: Shell-
                Cycling, Key Clicking, KeyClosing, Multi-Icon-Select with
                Mouse, Middle Mouse Button Windowing, EZ-Date generation,
                Mouse Port switching, Workbench to the front function, Ez-
                Dragging, Freezing Mouse & Keyboard of all input, etc...
                Now features an easy to use Pop-Up 2.xx style intuition
                interface and the ability to function correctly in all the
                new screen modes!  Written in assembly for efficiency in size
                and CPU usage.  Version v9.69a, an update to version v7.12a
                on disk 788, Binary only.
                Author:  Thomas J. Czarnecki

TeXPrt          A front-end for DVI printer drivers with a (nice?) GUI.  It is
                highly configurable and can be used with various DVI printer
                drivers.  Configuration files for Georg Hessmann's DVIPrint
                (PasTeX), DVILJP (AmigaTeX) and DVILJ2P (Gustaf Neumann) are
                included.  TeXPrt has an ARexx port and interprets 18 ARexx
                commands.  TeXPrt runs on an AppWindow and supports an
                (optional) AppIcon for selecting DVI files.  Needs at least
                Kickstart 2.04.  This is Version 2.0, freeware, includes
                source in C.
                Author:  Richard A. Bodi


AmigaWorld      A database program that contains information about every
                country on Earth.  It enables you to have a look at the data
                of one country, or to compare several ones.  Among other things
                it displays location, capital, area, population, languages,
                currency and the flag of each country.  AmigaWorld is very
                easy to handle, and you can use it with your favourite font,
                screen mode and colors.  You can also choose between English,
                German, Swedish and Dutch output.  It works on every Amiga
                that has one MByte of memory and Kickstart 1.2 or later.
                Freeware version 2.0, an update to version 1.1 on Disk number
                851.  New features include flag display and information about
                religions and international organizations.  Modula-2 source is
                available from the author.
                Author:  Wolfgang Lug

BadLinks        A utility which tests the links in newly written amigaguide
                documents.  Rather than manually clicking on every button in
                your amigaguide document to ensure each will link up with a
                valid node, just run BadLinks.  Will work on documents which
                reference nodes in other amigaguide documents too.
                Version 1.17, binary only.
                Author:  Roger E. Nedel

Clouds          A program which creates random cloud scenery.  You may save
                the pictures as IFF-files and use them as background for your
                workbench.  Uses new AGA-features.  Operational on all AMIGAS
                with all Workbench-Versions, but needs at least 2.1 to gain
                access to all features.  Version 2.9, an update to version 2.0
                on disk number 805.  Public domain, includes complete source
                in KICK-PASCAL.
                Author:  Daniel Amor


AntiRascism     Some texts, pictures and programs dealing with the problem
                of violence & rascism.  Sources included.  Version 1.0.
                Author:  Daniel Amor and others

CDTV-Player     A utility for all those people, who'd like to play Audio-CD's,
                while multitasking on workbench.  It's an emulation of CDTV's
                remote control, but is a little more sophisticated.  Access
                to the archive even without a CD-ROM-Drive (i.e. AMIGA 500-
                4000), although you can't play a CD.  PROGRAM & KARAOKE (live
                on-screen) included.  Recognizes CDs automatically.  AREXX-Port
                for usage in other programs.  Version 2.05, an update to
                version 2.0 on disk 868.  Docs in English, French & German.
                Supports CDTV-Drives & XETEC-Drives.  FISH-WARE, binary only.
                Author:  Daniel Amor

GreekFont       This is a scalable vector font.  It's the Greek equivalent
                of the Times Roman font.  It includes the Greek typewriter
                setmap and is available as ADOBE TYPE 1, PAGESTREAM FONT
                (dmf-file), PROPAGE FONT & INTELLIFONT.  This Font is
                shareware.  Designed with FontDesigner.
                Author:  Daniel Amor

LazyBench       LazyBench is a utility for lazy people with a hard disk cram-
                med full of goodies which are difficult to reach because they
                are buried away in drawers inside drawers inside drawers in-
                side drawers...  Supports tools and projects and both OS 1.3
                and OS 2.xx versions are supplied with this distribution.
                LazyBench for the OS 1.3 opens a little window on the Work-
                bench screen and delivers a fully configurable menu which
                brings up to 30 applications at your fingertips.  LazyBench
                for the OS 2.xx adds an item under the Workbench "Tools" menu,
                installs itself as a Commodity and waits in the background.
                Use its hot key combination to pop up its window and then
                select an application to be launched.  Versions 1.01 (OS 1.3)
                and 1.10 (OS 2.xx), an update to the versions on disk number
                860.  Binary only.
                Author:  Werther 'Mircko' Pirani

Resize          A font-sensitive utility to change the dimensions of the shell
                window.  Offers two options:  Reporting the current dimensions
                of the shell window and setting new ones.  Includes source.
                Author:  Bernd Raschke


FMsynth         A program to create sounds with FM synthesis.  It has six
                operators, a realtime LFO and a free editable algorithm.  The
                sound can be played on the Amiga keyboard and saved in IFF-
                8SVX format.  Version 1.1, giftware, includes source in
                Author:  Christian Stiens

MakeDMake       An automated DMake file generator.  You give it the names of
                all the C-files used to produce your executable (except
                #include'd .c or .h files), and it will automatically scan
                them to find all dependencies, and produce a ready to use
                (in many cases) DMakeFile calling DCC with options you will
                need for normal compilation and linking.  Version 0.22, an
                update to version 0.19 on disk 810.  Includes source.
                Author:  Piotr Obminski, from original code by Tim McGrath

MuchMore        Another program like "more", "less", "pg", etc.  This one uses
                its own screen to show the text using a slow scroll.  Includes
                built-in help, commands to search for text, and commands to
                print the text.  Supports 4 color text in bold, italic, under-
                lined, or inverse fonts.  Can load xpk-crunched files, has a
                display mode requester and is now localized (german catalog
                included).  Version 3.3, an update to version 3.0 on disk
                number 560.  Includes source in Oberon-2.
                Author:  Fridtjof Siebert, Christian Stiens

StAid2          Demo of the multi-purpose educational UTILITY called "Student
                Aid ][".  This utility allows you to create, load, edit,
                practice and print TRUE/FALSE, MULTIPLE CHOICE and FILL IN THE
                BLANK tests or quizzes on any subject you desire.  It will also
                save grades to monitor progress.  This demo contains some
                sample tests on various subjects, and has all features enabled
                except for SAVE TEST.  Works on WB1.3 to 3.x, NTSC & PAL.  (May
                not work with FastROM).  Ver 0.8, binary only.  DEMO is freely
                Author:  Rick Rojas


AnsiView        A utility to view IBM ansi pics on the AMIGA.  Supports the 16
                color IBM Ansi standard fully.  Works on any AMIGA running any
                version of AmigaDos.  Version 1.0, binary only with source
                available from the author.
                Author:  Marcus Trisdale

DA              "Digital Aesthetics".  A program that provides you with a
                soothing audio environment in which to work, similar to the
                cd's/tapes available of rainstorms, ocean surfs, rivers, etc.
                The sounds are contained in modules called "EMods", short for
                Environment MODules.  With DA, you can control various aspects
                of these EMods, and link EMods together in a list to be played
                in sequence.  Two short EMods are provided, with more available
                when you purchase the registered version.  Version 2.5, OS2.x
                required, binary only.
                Author:  Greg Grove

Riff            A little iff reader written in modula-2, M2amiga.  Version 1.1,
                includes source.
                Author:  Marcel Timmermans

SamPull         A utility which will allow you to manipulate and save the
                samples of a music module, (just Noise/Sound/Protracker MOD
                format for now), to disk in a quick and user-friendly graphic
                environment.  As an added bonus, SamPull features sub-programs
                which will scan for MODs in memory or on any format of disk.
                Version 2.0, OS2.x required, binary only.
                Author:  Greg Grove

ScriptTool      A small Workbench-utility which lets you to run commonly used
                commands and scripts from Workbench's Tools-menu.  Version
                1.02 and needs DOS2.0 (V36).  Freeware, includes source.
                Author:  Jan Hagqvist

WBStart         WBStart is a package to emulate the WorkBench startup proce-
                dure, by loading a program, creating a process for it, and
                then sending it a WB startup message.  Includes a handler
                process which does the starting of the processes for you and
                then waits for the startup reply messages.  Version 1.3, an
                update to version 1.2 on disk number 757.  Includes source.
                Author:  Stefan Becker


DNet            A link protocol that provides essentially an unlimited number
                of reliable connections between processes on two machines,
                where each end of the link can be either an Amiga or a Unix
                (BSD4.3) machine.  Works on the Amiga with any EXEC device
                that looks like the serial.device.  Works on UNIX with tty and
                socket devices.  Achieves better than 95% average throughput
                on file transfers.  This is version 2.32, an update to version
                2.10 on disk number 294.  Includes sources for both the Amiga
                and Unix versions.
                Author:  Matt Dillon and others

EPP             E Preprocessor.  Simple, easy-to-use macro preprocessor
                intended for use with Wouter van Oortmerssen's E language
                compiler.  Allows E programmer's to "include" (similar to C)
                E source code modules, thus adding modularity to the E lang-
                uage.  Should work on any OS version.  Update to V1.0, improved
                speed; bug fixes; new OPT TURBO directive for turning on Turbo
                mode for single modules; CtrlC made reliable.  Version 1.1,
                includes source.
                Author:  Barry Wills.

PrtSc           Have you ever noticed that there is a PrtSc-key on the numeric
                keypad?  If you press it you'll find that nothing happens, but
                here's the solution.  So if you've ever wanted to have a work-
                ing PrtSc-key, try this.  Requires OS2.0 (V36).  Version 1.08,
                freeware, includes source in assembler.
                Author:  Jan Hagqvist

VerCheck        A little script utility especially for 2.04 users with 1.3 Rom
                sharer/KickDisk. This helps you to boot under the right system
                when using an alien Kickstart.  Version 2.00, now includes
                CPU/FPU checking too.  Freeware, includes source in assembler.
                Author:  Jan Hagqvist


AniMan          The final version (5.2) of AniMan, the voice recognition
                program that allows you to converse with an animated talking
                head to execute any ARexx or CLI command.  AniMan appears as
                a full color animation in a miniature window on the 3.0 Work-
                bench screen.  AniMan is fully multitasking and runs in the
                foreground or background, listening for your voice commands
                even while other programs may be running.  Many improvements
                requested by users are now included.  Menu operations have
                been improved.  Documentation is provided in AmigaGuide format.
                Audio digitizer support has been expanded to include Perfect
                Sound 3, Sound Magic (Sound Master), DSS 8, and Generic digi-
                tizers.  AniMan 5.2 requires AmigaDOS 3.0.  An update to
                version 5.0 on Disk #841.  Binary only.
                Author:  Richard Horne

NarTest         A little tool that lets you to play with the new features of
                V37 narrator.device.  Also ideal for designing the speech for
                your own programs.  Version 1.01, needs DOS2.04 (V37).  Free-
                ware, includes source in assembler.
                Author:  Jan Hagqvist

Sci-Fi_Demo     A demo of Sci-Fi Type: 14 3d fonts for Imagine and other
                rendering programs.  Includes: Ultra (a full sample fonts),
                A short doc file with ordrering info, and an iff (hi res 16
                color) image depicting the rest of the set.
                Author:  Doug Brooks

VCLI            The final version (7.0) of Voice Command Line Interface (VCLI)
                which will execute CLI commands, ARexx commands, or ARexx
                Scripts by voice command.  VCLI allows you to launch multiple
                applications or control any program with an ARexx capability
                entirely by spoken voice command.  Many improvements requested
                by users are now included.  VCLI now has its own ARexx port so
                that its internal options and functions can be controlled by
                ARexx command.  Menu operations have been improved.  Document-
                ation is provided in AmigaGuide format.  Audio digitizer sup-
                port has been expanded to include Perfect Sound 3, Sound Magic
                (Sound Master), DSS 8, and Generic digitizers.  This is the
                fastest version of VCLI yet, and it runs well under either
                AmigaDOS 2.0 or 3.0.  An update to version 5.2 on disk number
                807.  Binary only.
                Author:  Richard Horne


ARoach          Based on Xroach for X-Windows, displays disgusting cock-
                roaches on your screen.  These creepy crawlies scamper
                around until they find a window to hide under.  Whenever
                you move or resize a window, the exposed orthopteras again
                scamper for cover.  Version 1.0, requires at least AmigaDOS
                Release 2, includes source.
                Author:  Stefan Winterstein

GoodDouble      Some sample source using a couple of functions that make for
                MUCH EASIER handling of double clicks with ALL buttons.  Works
                perfectly! (at least with DICE...).  Version 0.3
                Author:  Piotr Obminski

SmartPlay       A quite small, and really fast multiformat moduleplayer for
                OS2.0+.  Supports most moduleformats around, and  will play
                all modules with the _right_ replayroutines.  The CPU usage
                of this player is also really low, so it will run fine even
                on a 7MHz Amiga, while doing some highspeed serial transfers.
                100% coded in assembler.  Version 3.1, binary only.
                Author:  Peter Hjelt

Targis          A fast-paced action game.  It offers 200 pre-defined levels
                and the ability to design your own levels and characters.
                Binary only.
                Author:  David Ashley


Columns         A GUI-based "paper-saving" utility.  Allows you to print text
                in columns and use various compression modes (up to 160
                characters per line and 180 lines per standard DIN A4 page).
                5.6 times more characters than in usual modes, but still
                readable.  Written completely in assembly.  Kickstart 2.0 and
                3.0 compatible, Kickstart 2.0 look, Keyboard controls and
                saveable settings.  Version 2.5, binary only.
                Author:  Martin Mares, Tomas Zikmund

Popper          Replaces Intuition menus with popup menus which appear under
                the mouse pointer instead of in the top of the screen.  You
                can also "rip" menus from the menu-bar and keep them on the
                screen as a window all the time (or close them with the close
                gadget, of course).  Version 1.1, binary only.
                Author:  Pierre Dak Baillargeon

Robouldix       Playable demo of a game based on BoulderDash.  Uses 32 colour
                graphics, senses and adapts to PAL and NTSC.  Over 500 diff-
                erent objects in the registered version.  (About 40 in the
                demo version).  Requires at least one megabyte of memory.
                Binary only.
                Author:  Svante Berglund, Patrik Grip-Jansson

Touch           Amiga version of the Unix utility with the same name.  Touch
                changes the date and time stamp of all specified files to the
                current date and time.  Workbench 2.0 wildcards are supported.
                Requires OS2.0, includes source.
                Author:  Dave Schreiber

|/ o  Fred Fish, 1835 E. Belmont Drive, Tempe, AZ 85284,  USA
|/__/  1-602-491-0048