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Further to the previously posted announcement about the 50's Diner
Object Set published by Terra Nova Development (Brad Schenck &
Mical Todorovic), this is to advise that there are six sample
images of the objects on the disk set available by anonymous FTP
from any of the "Aminet" sites (such as, and on The
Portal System.

There are three HAM pictures and three JPEG pictures (for a total
of six files, but the 3 HAMs are identical images to the 3 JPEGs).

The files will be found in Aminet's /pub/amiga/pix/trace directory
under the names:

din1ham.lzh din2ham.lzh din3ham.lzh
din1jpeg.lzh din2jpeg.lzh din3jpeg.lzh

For those of you who are hesitant to purchase these objects via
mail order without seeing them first, just grab those files and
view them and you'll see them all rendered in an actual
"50's diner" type setting.

One additional note: when I posted Terra Nova's press release
to the Imagine Mailing List, one list member was concerned that
these objects might be part of an IML diner object project that
some IML members were involved with.  Rest assured, they are NOT.
The Terra Nova disks contain ONLY 100% original Imagine objects
crafted by Brad Schenck himself.

Lastly, if you plan to attend the World of Commodore Amiga show to
be held in Pasadena, CA, on Sept. 10-12, 1993, Terra Nova will
be there in their own booth, demoing and selling these objects. If you
order these objects ahead of time (see the previous press release
for ordering info) and create your own images with them and plan to
attend the show, be sure to bring along your images on disk. I know
they'd love to see them!

(friend of, but in no way involved with Terra Nova Development)

Terra Nova Development
P. O. Box 2202
Ventura, California  93002