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       TITLE : QDisk

     VERSION : 1.1 (update from version 1.0)

      AUTHOR : Norman J. Baccari

 DESCRIPTION : QDisk will keep track of your hard drive or floppy
               disk space usage. A listview display shows both free
               bytes, and space usage expressed by percentage. More
               detailed info for each drive is also available. QDisk
               uses the AMIGAS timer for timed updates that you can
               set using TOOL TYPES. Also supports various other
               TOOL TYPES for your personal configuration.

  WHATS NEW? : -General overall cleanup of interface.
               -Windows X/Y Zoom position can now be set.
               -Added new info display type, "HASH GRAPH".
               -Ability to set main info display QDisk boots up with.
               -Auto Updates via timed intervals.
               -Updates on IDCMP_WINDOWACTIVE.

REQUIREMENTS : WB 2.04 or greater.

    LOCATION : AmiNet ( and mirrors. Soon on Fred Fish disk.

   DIRECTORY : pub/aminet/os20/wb (formerly in disk/moni)

   FILE NAME : QDisk_v11.lha

        PRICE: QDisk is FREEWARE. That means $0.00

DISTRIBUTION : QDisk can be freely distributed as long as there  are  no
               charges other than  for media and/or mailing, the program
               is not  used  for commercial  gain  or  included  as part
               of any other software without  permision from the author,
               and this program and doc file remain intact, unalterd and
               distributed together.