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/// Portal System News!
    From Portal Customer Service

Portal in the Media

Portal Communications was the subject of a featured column on Prodigy
last month.  The coverage was very favorable and has made many Prodigy
users aware of what a *real* internet service provider is all about.  We
are currently negotiating with the Los Angeles Times Syndicate for the rights
to the article so that we may include it in our information packets.

Additionally, Bay Area users can look for our full page advertisement in
Computer Currents magazine.  The response has been favorable and we plan
to do more advertising in this magazine and others.

New Internet Database:  Library of Congress Information System (LOCIS)

Online users now have menu-driven access to the Library of Congress Catalog,
a federal legislation database, copyright information, a Braille and
Audio information database, and foreign law information.  LOCIS is available
under "Internet Databases."  Type "go internet".  Shell users can

User-friendly Utility added to Internet Services:  Gopher

   gopher  n.  1. Any of various short tailed, burrowing mammals of
   the family Geomyidae, of North America.  2. (Amer. colloq.)
   Native or inhabitant of Minnesota: the Gopher State.
   3. (Amer. colloq.) One who runs errands, does odd-jobs, fetches
   or delivers documents for office staff.  4. (computer tech.)
   Software following a simple protocol for tunneling through a TCP/IP

Portal users will find the fourth definition most applicable for easing their
navigation through the vast wilds of the Internet.  Gopher's key word search
capability is a powerful tool for quickly finding what you are looking for.
Its easy-to-use menus will be appreciated by Online subscribers.
Type "go internet".  Shell users type "gopher"

IBM SIGs Receive BIG New Disk Drive

The MSDOS, Windows, and OS/2 SIGs have been allocated a brand new
3.3 gigabyte disk drive to accommodate their projected growth.  The added
capacity will enable the SIGs to update their file libraries and build
a respectable local resource so that Portal users will not have to search
all over the Internet for a particular file.  The SIG moderators are
experts in locating files.  Be sure to ask them if you are having difficulties
finding a file you need.

No Snoozing Allowed

We installed a 30-minute timeout on our interactive services accounts.  This
means accounts left idle for 30 minutes will be disconnected.  This should
improve performance and distribute resources for more active users.