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/// Supra Modem Information
    Found on FidoNet, author unknown

I have information that may clear up some of the SupraModem questions.
I work for a Supra Dealer here in San Diego, and after hearing various
stories from customers, and experiencing problems of my own, I called Supra.
After talking with Supra Dealer Support, I learned the difference between
the various ROM versions, among other things.
The ROMs include bug fixes and other enhancementsmade by Supra as well as by
Rockwell regarding their chips! The latest Rockwell enhancements are no
longer compatible with original Supra motherboards until the newest ROMs
come out, which modify the Supra hardware enough to make them compatible.
First of all, there are two versions of the motherboards.  The latest ones
have enhanced DSPs that handle the new Rockwell updates.  The early ones
work just fine, but the Rockwell enhancements are a little more difficult to
implement.  Therefore, there are various ROM upgrades depending on the
motherboard you have.
Here are the various ROM versions:
V1.2-H: The latest major release on early motherboards.
V1.2-J: The same as above, except with Caller-ID functions.
V1.70B: The latest ROM upgrade for early motherbaords.  Includes most DATA
bug fixes and MOST FAX bug fixes, both in Supra Code, as well as Rockwell's
code fixes.
V1.71:  The latest release on the newer motherboards, includes ALL DATA
fixes and ALL FAX fixes, found as of June 31, 1993.
V1.8: The soon-to-be-released update for EARLY motherboards, which includes
ALL DATA and ALL FAX fixes.  If you have 1.2 or 1.70B ROMS, you need to wait
for these ROMs to upgrade.
* If you have V1.71 ROMs, you DO NOT need the V1.8 ROMs!  There is no
difference in the functionality, just in the motherboard compatibility!
Regarding the Amiga FAX software:
The latest OFFICIAL SUPRA version of GPFAX is V2.23.  Supra advises to
continue using V2.23 until the newest version V2.34, completes BETA testing
by SUPRA.  V2.30 among others has problems that may or may not affect your
FAXing.  GPFax seems to release updates regularly, and sometimes these
updates include newly introduced bugs that hurt more than help.
Other Notes:
For those interested in the error result codes reported by the modem during
FAX usage, there is a document called Class_2.txt floating around on most
major Information Services like GEnie and CompuServe.  This document
describes the error codes given while using the Class 2 FAX protocol.
Also, the Supra numbers are as follows:
Try 1-800-727-8772 first.
Then, depending on your needs, use:
Tech Support: 1 (503) 967-2440  9am-4pm PST, M-F.
General Info: 1 (503) 967-2400
Sales Dept. : 1 (503) 967-2410
Also nice to know:
BBS: 1 (503) 967-2444
FAX: 1 (503) 967-2401
Hope all this clears up conflicting facts among other things.  Supra is
looking for a FIDONet node close to home so they can become actively
involved in the SupraModem echo.  I gave them the BBS number here in San
Diego so they can at least see what's going through, but if anyone knows of
an echo closer to Albany, Oregon, give tech support a call and let them
know!  It would be nice to have Supra on-line across the nets.