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Here's a good example of what NOT to do if you're a beta tester

(From comp.sys.amiga.applications on Usenet)

To whom it may concern at SoftLogik,

	We do have some ideas that you might consider for your next version of
PageStream :

        - in order to accept pictures available from modern scanners (1200
	  dpi in color), you should accept pictures in the JPEG format. You
          should not expand it all in memory ( I do not have 256 MB of main 
          memory yet). Please consider not having the pictures saved in your 
          document, we are in 1993 so do please only keep the file name in the
          document, and only send it when we need to print. An internal copy at screen
          resolution should be enough to work on the computer.
          (This is a feature not available on any DTP program)

        - I have read preliminary documentation on your upcoming AREXX
          interface and I was unimpressed to say the least: as I understand 
          that it is not completed yet, I will express my concerns and hope 
          that it will be different on the released version.
            > It looks like I am only able to send AREXX command to PageStream
              without being able to get feedback from the user or from the
              PageStream objects ????
              I mean that I want to be able to give any objects a name, and
              to be able to read it's attributes from AREXX (ex: fonts, size, 
              layer depth, etc...)
              I also need to be able to get user feedback, mouse position,
              etc... This is badly needed if we want to be able to build an
              automatic form builder with PageStream as an engine.
              Otherwise what is your AREXX interface good for, since it is
              then only an extension of the existing Macros ?????

            > Also you should consider having a version of PageStream
              starting without the graphical interface !!!
              It would then be possible to build many software interface
              program that could use PageStream as an engine thrue the AREXX 
              port. Then even communication package could be link to your 
              powerful DTP engine !!!

        - Also would you please use the multitasking capabilities of the
          Amiga in order to be able to work while I am printing (will we have 
          to wait for version 5 ???)

        - You had a terrific idea with printing to an IFF file but, it would
          be fantastic if it supported color ! (Please)

        Do take those remarks positively, as I love your program and am
getting impatient to see it become even better. Please consider making demo 
version that can't print so that you could receive more feedback from your


Jean Pepin (pepin@CAM.ORG) wrote:

:         - I have read preliminary documentation on your upcoming AREXX
:           interface and I was unimpressed to say the least [...]

I'm posting the following statement on behalf of Michael Loader
at Soft-Logik:


Mr. Pepin posted some information based on "preliminary documentation"
on PageStream3's ARexx interface. This information was obtained from a
betatester who will no longer be testing Soft-Logik products.

We keep product development information confidential for a variety of
reasons, including competitive pressures. One of the reasons we do not
discuss the development of programs is to prevent problems created by
posts such Mr. Pepin's. His comments were based on incomplete
information. Only a hundred or so of the eventual hundreds of ARexx
commands are currently documented. He criticized PageStream3 for lacking
the ARexx commands he needs. However, many of the features which he
thought are lacking are just not documented at this time. By publicly
posting a comment that PageStream3 lacks these features, he is hurting
PageStream3's reputation before it has been released.

Regardless of the reasons on which Soft-Logik and most companies base
their requirement for betatester confidentiality, Mr. Pepin's friend,
Mr. Bureau, violated a legal, binding agreement. Mr. Pepin is not to
blame for he is not bound by a legal agreement, although his comments
may be off-base since he lacks full information about the program. Some
users may also interpret his other comments as being informed ones,
because they will assume that he has other information concerning our
program. Unfortunately, all of the comments in his post were inaccurate.

To help undo the damage that Mr. Pepin and Mr. Bureau have done to
PageStream 3's reputation, yes, you will be able to get user feedback
through ARexx. Yes, you will be able to run PageStream without an
interface so that it can be used as an engine. Yes, you will be able to
get information on objects through ARexx. Yes, bitmap pictures may be
left external to the document file. And Yes, you will be able to render
to a color IFF ILBM file.

I hope you will enjoy PageStream3 when it is released. We are currently
projecting a late September completion date. The program is an
incredible undertaking since it is an entirely new program. It will be
the most feature-laden desktop publishing program ever.

We are pleased to announce that we will start offering technical support
through Internet email. You can reach us at If you wish
to contact me directly, you can send email to Remember
that you can also get technical support on GEnie (SOFTLOGIK, email
SL-TECH), CompuServe (GO SOFTLOGIK, email 71333,1374), Portal (GO
SOFTLOGIK, email SOFTLOGIK), and on our own BBS (314-894-0057, email #11).

Martin A. Blatter -,


From FidoNet's Amiga Internation Echo

Area: AMIGA                                   Date: 23 Jul 93 13:05:01
From: Ralph Barbagallo (1:324/127.0)
To  : All

Well for those on the net who can't get the British magazines on the
day of release, Amiga Format has some articles that everyone may be
interested in, so I thought I would post some details.

C= have announced price cuts across the line ( except the A4000/030 );

        A600  from #299 to #199
        A1200 from #399 to #299
        A4000 from #2099 to ~#1730 ( They took the value of VAT off )

These are RRP ( or List prices ) so the actual prices will be lower than
this, I've seen the A1200 advertised for #275 already.

There was an article on the CD**32 ( correct name is CD32 with the 32 in
superscript ). It has a large 32-bit banner just where the Sega has its'
16-bit banner, nice move C=, that was the first thing a sega owner
noticed when he saw it. There is a two page spread of the motherboard,
I'll try and get this scanned in and posted to Aminet.

The motherboard has various connectors;

        Audio out ( Stereo of course )
        Composite out
        RF Socket
        S-Video socket
        Edge connector - 182-way double-sided

It has the 68EC020 @ 14Mhz, AGA chip set, Kickstart 3.1 ( That's what it
says ), 2MB RAM and most importantly a VLSI chip labeled as;

        "Special custom chip. Controls the CD drive and handles the
         chunky to planar pixel conversion."

This chip allows graphics developed for a chunky pixel based machine to
be ported straight to the Amiga without any conversion. This means that
developers can use either chunky or planar graphics, which ever suits
them best.

The motherboard has " Spellbound Rev 1A, Amiga CD/Games system "
embossed on it, and there is a small daughter board called " C= A100
Display Board Rev 0 ", this has the volume controls and Power/Access
LEDs on it. Does this mean C= were going to call it the A100 ?
The strange thing is that the motherboard wouldn't fit the CD32 case,
the controls are on the left on the motherboard and on the right in the
case, so I can only assume that it is a prototype motherboard ( that
would also explain the fix wire attached to Alice ).

Again C= have asked developers to test the machine, so most of the
quirks should be wrinkled out of the design by the time it is released.
The release is scheduled for the end of August BTW.

There are 16 to 18 new games to be released at the same time as the
CD32, these include;

        Diggers - "Diggers has been written from scratch on the CD32 -
                it's not a conversion. There are six digital CD audio
                tracks, at *least* 256 colours used throughout, with
                24-bit copper backgrounds. The 34 levels each consist of
                32,000 locations, with seven terrain types. Because we
                didn't have to worry about the size of the game, we were
                able to go to town with the amount of graphics."
                                - Toby Simpson ( Programmer )

        Pinball Fantasies - 256 colour tables, CD-quality audio
        Zool 2
        Chaos Engine
        Jurassic Park - 18+ months in development so far: October
                        release. "We couldn't do the 3D section with the
                        kiddy-type consoles, but we can with the Amiga."
                                - Ciaran Brennan of Bastion, Ocean PR
        James Pond 2
        Ambermoon CD32 - November release

Also in development;

        Syndicate - ability to look inside buildings and rotate the 3D
        Magic Carpet
        Nick Faldos' Golf
        England World Cup '94

The RRP is #299 but I think that this may come down to #199 by
Christmas. The game prices are #19.95 (lowest) and #29.95 (average).

C= expect to sell 650,000 units in the first year.

That's all I can be bothered to type for now... :)

Sounds good eh ?  I'll buy the internal version AS SOON AS IT COMES OUT!
I gutta have a CD32 version of Syndicate!


From the Amiga Forum on BIX

amiga.user/main #2832, from number6, 801 chars, Tue Jul 20 20:42:40 1993
TITLE: I can see clearly now, the rain is gone...

If I had any doubts about the inferiority of Intel computers, they have
been erased.  Now that I'm a cub reporter for a computer magazine, I had to
go out and buy a 486 with which to review hardware and software.  What a 
kludge!  Two megabytes just to run Windows!  Four megabytes to run ONE 
application faster than molasses in January!  Bus contention at every turn! 
Dumb floppy drives that don't know if they're in use or not!  I swear, as
God is my witness, I shall never doubt my Amiga again!  And the next time
some snooty IBM clone dealer starts getting high and mighty about his
machines, I'll laugh right in his face.  Nohszeh Tot!  With a machine like
the Amiga, Commodore should be the biggest computer company in America. 
Who fouled up?!


amiga.user/main #2841, from rosullivan, 808 chars, Wed Jul 21 20:20:51 1993

This is a comment to message 2832.
    While criticism of Commodore marketing qualifies as an Olympic sport, I
try to rationalize that the big C does one thing right, produce the best
productivity system in local space!  An equally valid criticism applies to
the computer and technology press. Their coverage of the Amiga leaves all
to be desired.
    Recently, I toured the Smithstonian Museum of American History where
there was an exhibit of the history of computers, starting with ENIAC down
to the PC (way down). But, only one Commodore product was visible, the C64.
I don't care what one says about the Amiga versus another computer, but to
leave this technology innovator out of the lineage defines incompetence. 
If Commodore marketing wishes to earn a kudo in my book, they could inform
the Smithstonian of their oversight!


amiga.user/main #2844, from khp, 900 chars, Thu Jul 22 01:43:57 1993


Interesting title isn't it. But seriously does anybody hear me
(hope others too) crying for some adapter thing to attach AGA chips to any
A3000 !!!!!!!!  When I bought my A3000 the salesman made me believe that
the adapter should appear. Now I think he just wanted to get rid of all
A3000s.  A3000 is too good to be left in the dark for this reason. But soon
if no adapter appears it will be very uncompatible with everything. I can't 
afford to get new amiga every time Commodore improves the Amiga.  So I want
to hear rumours, facts, lies, anything.  Am I the last human with the 
A3000?  Is somewhere a mountain of rejected dusty and rusty A3000s?
- Kari -

Ok I know about RTG, but I do not believe that games for example
will or can support it. And will they support ECS and older much longer.
Will I be an owner of a great machine running just old software?


amiga.user/main #2847, from langeveld, 1323 chars, Thu Jul 22 02:41:53 1993

This is a comment to message 2844.

        Okay. Rumour has it that it is not so easy to put an adapter in an
A3000 to run AGA chips. Rumour says that it basically requires a
duplication of what's on the A4000 motherboard re. graphics, and it would 
also mean you lose the nice flicker-fixer built into the A3000. Fact says
that the A4000's resolution is *less* than that of an A3000: whereas you
can get a flickerfreedisplay of about 720 pixels by 480 on an A3000, you
can only get 686 x 480 or so on an A4000. Fact also says that an A4000 must
be run with a multisync monitor, because many display modes cannot be made
flicker free, and so you can't use a nice cheap VGA monitor like you can
with an A3000.  Fact also is that the 800 x 600 mode at 4x Hz is useless
for productivity work. Sure, some peopls say the flicker doesn't bother
them, but I've seen it and it isonly slightly better than the old HIRES 
interlace flicker.
        Fact also is that you can *already* buy a whole slew of graphics
cards, some of which actually run Workbench and other applications on them
almost transparently, and the price is certainly not much higher than 
an AGA emulator would be. Rumour says, however, that there some other
products in the works that might considerably make you happier living on
an A3000 (or an A4000 for that matter).
        Enough Rumours and facts? 8^)



amiga.user/main #2848, from msinz, 706 chars, Thu Jul 22 08:29:55 1993

This is a comment to message 2844.

I have three A3000 machines (One tower, two desk units) plus a A2000
and a A1000.  At the current prices the A3000 is a great computer and
very powerful.  If you need better graphics, the graphics boards are
starting to show up that work rather well.  Hopefully Commodore will
be able to release the 3.x OS for the A3000 soon (I, being a developer
and one of the key guys in the 3.x development, run 3.x on my A3000
all the time)

Anyway, the A4000 have AGA.  It costs more.  The A3000 is very cost
effective right now.  However, no AGA.  Hopefully, developers will
realize that they need to program to the OS and not the hardware and
thus you will not have a problem with either.

                -- Mike


amiga.user/main #2858, from jsheehy, 962 chars, Thu Jul 22 22:38:12 1993

This is a comment to message 2853.

RTG may be a while and even then, a board optimized for it will be
expensive for a while.  Also, a lot of the programs that are incompat-
ible are likely to become compatible in that time frame because of com-
plaints by users who want to run the programs on their Retinas, Picassos,
or whatever.  This could be a strong positive influence to write code that
is RTG-able.  As far as the cards emulating workbench is concerned, I am
running retinaEMU 1.2 and the only things that are slower than the native
amiga graphics are emulations of WritePixel(),Move()&Draw, and scrolling.
European owners of retinaEMU 1.3 (mine is coming in the mail sometime soon)
claim it is faster than native amiga graphics all-around.  All this with
ZorroII and no blitter.  Some programs for some unknown reason run much
faster under retinaEMU 1.2 than native gfx.  Provector loads structured
drawings on a 1024*768 retina screen in half the time it does on the amiga



amiga.user/main #2892, from jdow, 1881 chars, Fri Jul 23 16:07:43 1993

This is a comment to message 2885.

Aha - I got a copy of the press information from the British roll out.

Technical specs follow:

O       14 MHz 68EC020 processor
O       2 Megs 32-bit chip RAM
O       Two joystick ports/controller ports
O       S-video jack
O       Composite video jack
O       RF output jack
O       Stereo jacks
O       Keyboard connector/auxilliary connector (!)
O       Full expansion bus      (!!!)
O       Headphone jack
O       Headphone volume control
O       External brick power supply.
O       Internal MPEG FMV expansion capability  (!!!)
O       Multiple session disc capability

MPEG == Motion Picture Experts Group
FMV  == Full Motion Video
        THis is a full motion compressed video capability capable of full
        screen video off a CDROM!

Basic unit price is "under #299.99". (British pounds.) The FMV accessory is
scheduled to be "under #200..." (Again British pounds.)

The beastie is "approximately A4-sized". That is British equivalent for
our standard 8.5" x 11" page that is a bit bigger than our size.

Oh - that FMV capability is for 74 whole minutes of compressed sound and
video on one CDROM. I figure THAT number is VERY interesting to folks. It
is in essence a new way to distribute movies!

Disc titles start at #19.99 and average #29.99 or so it says. (British pounds
yet again.) They have an impressive list of developers all developing, in
europe, for the base AmigaDOS/Intuition release 3.1 in the machine. (Giggle
These are guys who have trouble with 2.04. Yeahhhhh.)

At launch Diggers, Zool 2, James Pond 2, Chaos Engine and Jurassic Park will
be available titles. These are controlled by an 11 button joypad arrangement.
(I wish the picture on this FAX was better so I could describe the machine.
Ah well...)

There it is - all I know at this time about the CD32, which properly has the
32 as a superscript. Hm, make that CD32 (tm) in all references above. It
IS trademarked by Commodore Business Machines as are the terms AmigaDOS and


From Portal's AmigaZone

.../Amiga Zone/Files & Messages/Message Bases/Hardware/SCSI Bus Problems
16027.3.223.7 Re: SCSI LOCKUP
7/30/93 00:22 26/1089 Candreas

Umm, I think I started this thread posting about frequent SCSI bus lockups
when I added a 3rd drive (2 Quantums and SyQuest 88) to my A3000.  Well it
took a long time to work it out but the problem has been resolved and
perhaps my experience might be useful to others.

The primary problem was that I did not successfully disable Reselection to
all drives.  The program I used - Reselect Off (supplied with AmigaDOS)
did NOT do what it claimed to do.  Using MicroBotic's RDPrep (a much nicer
program for these sorts of things than HDToolBox), I finally did disable
Reselection and since have has only one lockup.

The underlying problem is that SyQuests are known to often be incompatible
with Reselection (though it worked for me for a year with only one other
drive).  Even the newest SyQuest ROMs may not help.

A continuing problem is the extreme difficulty in finding newer revision
chips including a replacement for the prototype SCSI controller found in
most A3000s.


From Delphi's Amiga Forum

17073 1-AUG 11:13  Potpourri
     NEC  CDR-25
     From: GRUMPA       To: ALL

Well all, this is to those who were interested in my NEC CDR-25.

I finally got it up and running (sort of).

I got out my old copy of CDROM-FS and did an install.

I have found that if the cd-rom drive is not turned "ON" during start-up, I
get the message "WB_2x: is not a DOS disk".  That does not scare me like it
did the first time.

If I startup without a disk in the drive, I do not get an icon on my
workbench (which is set to BACKDROP).  If I startup with a disk in the
drive, like the Walnut Creek Aminet, I get its icon.

When I startup sans disk, no icon, when I run DiskMaster2, I get the drive
designation "NEC:" in my list of available drives.  That is as it should

When I insert a disk I then get that disk (AmiNet_0693:) shown as an
available volume.  Again, as it should be.

So far I have not been able to get the "CDDACtrl" program from the CDROM-FS
to work.  The "busy light" glows but no disk action occurs.  This means I
cannot play regular CD-ROMS in the background for music.

QUESTION:                 Does the XETEC driver disk let this work?

The drive runs slow compared to my hard drive.  But it does not apper any
slower than the cd-rom drive connected to my ZEOS 486.  I would say that
the access time is favorably comparable.

I have noticed one minor annoyance with this setup.  The hard disk
"read/write" light on my A3000 keeps flickering on and off as it checks the
new drive for activity..  It is like the "click" that was present in the
floppy drives before I started using the KILLCLICK in my startup drawer to
quiet floppies.  I suspect I will get used to it as time goes by.

I really havn't gotten into the programs on the Aminet disk yet.  The only
one I have played with was MEGAMOAN.  It brought my wife into my computer
room to see what was going on ;-)

If anyone has a specific question, ask away.  I will be gald to try to
answer it for you.



17074 1-AUG 12:36  Potpourri
     RE: NEC  CDR-25 (Re: Msg 17073)
     From: ANDRON       To: GRUMPA (NR)

"QUESTION: Does the XETEC driver disk let this work?"

If you mean play regular CD-ROMs in the background, the answer is "yes." If you
mean the rest of your post prior to this question, I can't answer: I always boot
with a disk in the NEC drive.

Oh, I just thot of something. To hear CD-ROM music you must take the audio from
the jack on the front of the NEC drive, not from your Amiga auto ports...

 - Bill