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/// From the Editor's Desk                        "Saying it like it is!"

Have you ever had one of those Weeks From Hell?  More politely know as a
Murphy's Law Week?  I sure have this last week.  You know what it's like
packing for a move.  Everything gets packed before you realize you need it,
then you get to go digging through boxes and storage units to find the

Then there are those times when your car craps out and the dealer won't
cover a replaced part that's less than a year old, because the stupid
part only carries a 12,000 mile warranty.  It doesn't matter that the car
has a 60,000 extended warranty that's just barely expired.  So now I get
to try to figure out how to replace a $1200 turbo.  Damn Fords.  Deliver
me from another American-label car.

But this isn't a car magazine.  And I'm rambling.   What I did want to
mention is that I sure hope more AGA games come out soon, and fully utilize
AGA's capabilities.  I got to play with Ocean's new International Golf,
which is an AGA game.  I'm not impressed.  It's low-res, it sure doesn't
look like 256 colors, and the playability isn't that great.  It's easier
than Links, but my favorite golf game is still PGA Tour.  I don't want to
totally ruin potential sales of International Golf, but do be sure you try
it before buying it.  If you like it, great!  I just wasn't too thrilled.

That's about it for this week.  What with the move and car problems, I
havn't given much thought to this week's editorial.  So I'll just remind
everybody that there will be no issue next Friday, August 13th.  But we
will return the following week!  Until then, enjoy!

                              Rob @ Amiga Report