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        Amiga NetHack 3.1.3


        Amiga NetHack 3.1.3 is the third patchlevel of NetHack 3.1.
        Saved games and bones files from previous versions (including
        previous patch levels of 3.1) will NOT work with this release.


        NetHack is created by the NetHack Development Team and ported to
        the Amiga by the Amiga NetHack Team.  Please report bugs, problems,
        and suggestions to  Please note
        that you are using the Amiga version.


        NetHack 3.1 is a new generation of the dungeon exploration game
        NetHack.  It is a distant descendent of Hack, and a direct
        descendent of NetHack 3.0.  It is the product of two years of
        very intensive effort by the NetHack Development Team and its
        porting sub-teams.  Many parts of 3.0 were rewritten for
        NetHack 3.1, and many new features were added.

        We dedicate the game to the many players of 3.0, with special
        note of those who communicated with us and contributed their
        ideas to the development of this new version.


        NetHack 3.1.3 is primarily a bug-fix update.  Other improvements
        are left for you to discover.


        NetHack runs on any Amiga with at least 2 meg of RAM and AmigaDOS
        1.3 or 2.04 (or later).  NetHack will run from floppy but a hard
        disk is strongly recommended - NetHack requires approximately 3
        meg of hard disk space.  The official binaries are packed with
        the lz archiver, version 1.92.


        The official binaries are available in two .lzh files on aminet.
        The files are NH31P3-1.lzh and NH31P3-2.lzh.  (They have been
        uploaded to the new directory on; I expect they
        will be moved to game/role.)

        In addition, the same files are available on
        (please limit transfers from linc to non-business hours, East
        Coast USA time).  The files on linc are in pub/NH3.1/binaries/amiga.
        Full source code for all versions of NetHack (Amiga, Unix, MS-DOS,
        Macintosh, OS/2, VMS, NT, Atari) is available in pub/NH3.1/source.

        The official binaries for Amiga NetHack come in two .lzh
        files.  Extract the installation instructions from the first
        archive (probably called NH31P3-1.lzh) with the following
          lz x NH31P3-1.lzh NetHack/ReadMe
        and follow the directions.  Note that the ReadMe file will be
        in a NetHack subdirectory.

        We have been informed that the default stack is not big enough
        to unpack the archives with some archivers - if you have
        trouble unpacking the archives try increasing your stack to

        For problems with the archives contact
        or use the central address
        Please mention that you are using the official Amiga binaries
        for 3.1.3.


        NetHack is freely-redistributable copyrighted code - please see
        the license for details.