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     From the Editor's Desk      Saying it like it is!
       CPU  Status Report        CBM Power-Up extended!
    Emplant Video Available      See it in action!
   ImageFX v1.5 Now Shipping     And sporting many improvements!
         Online Weekly           Amiga Report Online
          AR InfoFile            Sysops beware!
     Safe Hex International      3 Data security prizes awarded
     The Emulator Examiner       A close look at emulators
      The Atari Falcon030        A closer look
      Binary Mathematics         Just what you never wanted to know
       On Comm-On Ground         Shareware telecommunication programs
           A.M.I.G.A.            ...another potato(e) chip commercial!
      Interview with Supra       A look inside the company
        Warez Out There          Freely Distributable files
        AR Confidential          Rumors on NewTek
      The Humor Department       Definition....