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    By Michael Arends

Our work at Safe Hex International has been widely recognized in Europe by
the public.  In 1992 "SHI" was presented with awards three times for our
worldwide virus work:

The first award was presented on February 29th by the Danish computer
trade organization (i. e. the PC organizations). The prize was given at
the Danish "Dataforening's",(Data-society's) annual safety conference at
the SAS Hotel Scandinavian.

The second award was presented on March 21st at the annual Amiga Expo in 
Copenhagen, Denmark.

The third award was presented on May 1st by AmiCon in Stockholm, Sweden,
and was given for our worldwide virus work too and of course we are very,
pleased that our work has been recognized and appreciated. 



We at Safe Hex International are so stubborn that we will no longer
accept a "polluted" data environment. The beginning of our organization
was when we began to collect computer viruses.

· We sent them to various clever programmers around the world who then made 
  virus killers. Since then, our project has torn ahead so fast that we can 
  hardly keep up with the progress. Here are just a few of the new develop-

· We  write articles for those magazines which do not publish enough
  information on data security. For example, several American magazines
  are two years out of date on this matter.

· We provide background material for the magazines so that their articles
  are more up to date.

· We have made contact with radio and TV, eg, our first programme on our
  work on data security and was transmitted by Danish local radio, and
  the national TV channel, TV2.

· We have  established a "Virus Test Centre" where all viruses are tested
  on all the virus killers and reports of these tests are published.

· We have the world's largest collection of Amiga viruses. These viruses
  are sent to us by our members.

· We have an "ideas bank" where programmers in our group can get info and
  ideas for smart new virus test methods.

· We are in the process of constructing a standard program which can recog-
  nise all Amiga viruses when it is used as a sub-program of other programs.

· We are in the process of making a special virus program which can automa-
  tically control viruses on "Bulletin Boards". These boards are probably
  the source  of 80% of the virus spread we have today. It is therefore
  very important that something is done.