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THE EMPLANT: A Video Presentation by Jim Drew of Utilities Unlimited
Jim Drew of Utilities Unlimited, makers of The Emplant, a multi-
platform emulation system for the Amiga, recently gave an in-depth
presentation on his company's emulator set up and use at the San
Fernando Amiga User Group July meeting. Over 100 people attended this
spectacular program. The presentation included a step-by-step set-up
procedure for emulating the MacIIxx platform with the Emplant.

The presentation was videotaped, and includes direct video recording
of the Emplant's emulation screens. Jim also gave an interesting
commentary and personal views on the MacIntosh platform which the
Emplant emulates, as well as other platforms scheduled for emulation.

The 1 hr-47 minute videotape is available from The Toaster Crustaceans
for $9.95 + $4.95 shipping/handling by priority mail. CA residents
please include 8.25% sales tax. Send a check or m.o. to:

Toaster Crustaceans
1730 Arcane St.  
Simi Valley, Ca. 93065

For more information, contact the Toaster Crustaceans at the address
above, or call (805)522-4864.

Tony Gomez
Toaster Crustaceans