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/// From the Editor's Desk                        "Saying it like it is!"

Last weekend, I attended the annual BRACE AtariFest.  It's the Blue Ridge
Atari Computer Enthusiasts.  Since I went last year, and a good friend was
coming up from Florida for it, I figured I might as well tag along.
Besides, last year, I was an avid Atari owner, and at that point had never
even considered owning an Amiga.  Now that the 'impossible' has happened,
I wanted to take another look at the life I left.

Let me put it this way... I don't want to hear anybody bitching about the
Amiga world losing software developers and worrying about Commodore going
under, until they've taken a long, hard look at Atari.  The show was much
smaller than last year, and I got the general impression from most of the
vendors that they just don't care anymore.  I can count on one hand the
major developers for the Atari line, and their outfits are so small that
I honestly don't see how they can make a living doing ONLY that.  The
largest Atari developer, DMC Publishing, makers of Calamus, were showing
Calamus for Windows NT.  That probably spells doom for the Atari version
of what is probably the best DTP package on ANY computer.  Period.  Yes,
this includes PageStream.  Well, at least until 3.0 comes out, then we'll

But I don't want to sound like I'm bashing.  It was kinda like old times
wandering through the show, seeing old stuff, seeing some of the new stuff
that I've missed.  I got to see Atari's new Falcon030, and even played
with my friend's unit for a few days.  You'll find a full review of it
later in this issue.

By comparison, the Amiga is doing far, far better than Atari.  We have
many major developers -- GVP, ASDG, Innovatronics, NewTek, Blackbelt,
ICD, Soft-Logik, Virtual Reality Labs, and Central Coast Software, just
to name a few.  I don't wish Atari to fail, by any means, but I also
have to wonder when I read constant postings from people bemoaning
Commodore's impending demise.  It just isn't so.

Amiga Report will be taking a week off the second week in August.  There
will be no August 13th issue.  The main reason behind this that I'm
moving again (this time to Omaha, Nebraska).  Don't ask.  It's too
complicated. <grin>

                            Rob @ Amiga Report