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     From the Editor's Desk      Saying it like it is!
       CPU  Status Report        Industry-wide Computer News
      Conference on PORTAL       Guest: Mr. Rick Tillery from DMI
         Online Weekly           Amiga Report Online
   Amiga Report Mailing List     Receive AR through InterNet Email
  Shareholder Movement Update    Information on how to help change CBM
        Monopolizing DOS         Commentary on Microsoft's hold on DOS 
         USR Sysop Deal          AR Focus, Discount Prices for Sysops
          Atari Jaguar           An IBM Animal!
           A.M.I.G.A.            On the serious side???
       Send In The Clones        Part III of a look at arcade clones
          SIGGRAPH '93           AR InfoFile
     The Amiga and Science       A Look at Scientific PD/SW 
 UseNet Review  -  Gunship 2000  By Microprose
          Reader Mail            Tooting our horn!
     Safe Hex International      How to contact SHI
      The Humor Department       Tavern Talk....