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/// USR Sysop Deal  AR Focus!

                       US ROBOTICS SYSOP MODEM OFFER

           PRODUCT                                          PRICE

           COURIER HST (U.S. AND CANADA)                    $ 349
           COURIER V.32bis (U.S. AND CANADA)                $ 299
           INTERNATIONAL HST*                               $ 339
           INTERNATIONAL V.32bis*                           $ 289
           DOMESTIC POWER SUPPLY (INT'L USERS)*             $  10
           HIGH SPEED DUAL ASYNC SERIAL BOARD               $  50

          * European Sysops must now order via our office in France.
            The BBS number is +33 20-059945, voice number is
            +33 20-471210.  Be sure to read their EURODEAL rules as
            they differ from USR/USA.

          **International version - a separate power supply must
          be ordered if the modem is used outside the U.S. or
          Canada.  International power supply is 220 volts;
          Domestic power supply is 110 volts.  At least one (1)
          power supply must be ordered with each international

          ***For detailed information and technical specifications on
          the above products, call the U.S. Robotics Technical
          Support Department at (800) 982-5151 in the U.S. or (800)
          553-3560 in Canada.  From outside the U.S. or Canada,
          call (708) 982-5151.  Or FAX at 708-933-5552.  In Europe
          call +33 20-471210 or FAX +33 20-919927.



    This  section describes the rules  of the U.S.  Robotics SYSOP Program.
U.S. Robotics reserves  the right to  modify or change  these rules at  any


    The  U.S. Robotics SYSOP  Program permits QUALIFIED  SYSOPs to purchase
current U.S. Robotics  products at a  reduced price.   The purpose of  this
program  is to continue the  close relationship established  many years ago
between  U.S.  Robotics  and  the Sysop  community.    Participants  should
recognize that our  ability to continue  the program is dependent  upon the
strong  position U.S.  Robotics enjoys  in the  reseller channel,  with the
distributors and dealers,  VARs, etc. that continue  to buy and  resell our
products to home and business users around  the world.  It is our intent to
maintain the integrity of our channel relationships by closely scrutinizing
each SYSOP sale to ensure that we only sell products to qualified SYSOPs.


     1.  The SYSOP states that he/she is NOT in the business of
         reselling computer products and/or related
         peripherals, including modems.  Qualified resellers
         may take advantage of other programs offered by U.S.
         Robotics by calling (800) 342-5877 and asking for the
         dealer sales representative for your area.

     2.  The SYSOP has been operating the bulletin board system
         for at least six (6) months and that this activity can
         be verified by dialing into the bulletin board system.
         Typically user logs, activity logs, and local message
         bases are a good source for verifying activity.

     3.  The SYSOP understands that the number of modems that
         may be obtained under this program is limited to the
         number of working, VERIFIABLE data lines.  Data lines
         MUST be dedicated for modem use only and MUST be
         available 24 hours a day for modem access.  Modems
         purchased under this program MUST be used on one of
         the stated lines.  Furthermore, the SYSOP understands
         that the number of serial cards that may be obtained
         is one for each 2 modems ordered under the SYSOP Program.
         Participants in the Sysop Program beginning 1/1/92 may
         purchase the Dual Async Card based on these rules as well.

     4.  The SYSOP agrees to post an appropriate logon notice,
         visible to users of the bulletin board, which states
         that said bulletin board uses and supports U.S.
         Robotics brand products.

     5.  The SYSOP agrees that he/she intends to operate the
         bulletin board, for which these products are purchased,
         for at least six (6) months post purchase.  The U.S.
         Robotics logon must remain in effect for six (6)
         months to allow verification that the bulletin board
         is in place and that the U.S. Robotics promotional
         message is being displayed.

     6.  The SYSOP agrees that, in order to avoid conflict with
         the U.S. Robotics reseller channel, modems purchased
         under this program cannot be re-sold without the
         expressed written consent of U.S. Robotics.
         Violation of this policy will result in the SYSOP's
         being ineligible for future participation in the U.S.
         Robotics SYSOP program.  In addition, any warranties
         on modems re-sold without U.S. Robotics authorization
         will be null and void.

     7.  The SYSOP understands that verification of an order will
         take from two (2) to five (5) weeks depending on the
         number of orders being processed by the SYSOP Support
         Department, and difficulty in verifying your bulletin
         board.  Shipment of product will take from two (2) to
         six (6) weeks pending availability of the particular product
         ordered.  U.S. Robotics will ship product(s) to
         QUALIFIED SYSOPs as soon as possible after:

         A.   The SYSOP completes the order form and
         questionnaire found on the U.S. Robotics BBS via
         the SYSOP command at the main menu.  These must be
         filled-out on-line as no mail-in orders will be accepted.

         Prepaid orders will not be processed until payment has
         been received by U.S. Robotics.  After placing an order
         on the board, a SYSOP wishing to prepay his/her order
         should send a money order or cashier's check to:

              U.S. Robotics SYSOP Support Program
              8100 McCormick Blvd.
              Skokie, IL 60076

         It is imperative that the SYSOP name, voice phone
         number and BBS phone number be indicated for identi-
         fication purposes.  A personal or company check is
         acceptable, but shipping will be delayed for ten (10)
         working days to ensure that the check clears our bank.

         ** Wire transfers MUST be pre-approved by the          **
         ** U.S. Robotics Sysop Department.                     **

         $ U.S. Robotics will now accept credit card orders.     $
         $ To pay via credit card please call the Sysop Dept     $
         $ and be prepared to provide the Sysop Receptionist all $
         $ pertinent credit card information.  Charges will not  $
         $ be applied to the account until the BBS has been      $
         $ verified by a SYSOP administrator.                    $

    B.   The SYSOP understands that once an order is
    placed, it cannot be changed.  If you are uncertain
    as to the product you want to purchase, you may consult
    the Information & Text Files file area of this bulletin
    board for product information.  Or, you may call the
    U.S. Robotics Technical Support Department at (800) 982-5151
    in the U.S. or (800) 553-3560 in Canada.
    Outside the U.S and Canada, call (708) 982-5151.

    C.   Your board will be verified by a the U.S.
    Robotics SYSOP Administrator.  We MUST be able to connect
    with your bulletin board to verify board status.  In the
    event that we are uncertain of your board status, you
    will be notified either by U.S. Robotics via your board
    or by mail or voice.  We will advise you as best we can as
    to what you need to provide in order to have your board
    verified (appropriate logon, copy of phone bill, soft-
    ware registration, etc.).  In no case will we verify a
    board until we are certain that it meets the require-
    ments of the program.

    D.   U.S. Robotics will not accept phone-in orders.

    E.   U. S. Robotics reserves the right to modify,
    change or cancel this program at any time.

    F.   If you have any questions regarding this program,
    please call (800) 342-5877 for clarification.  In Canada,
    call (800) 553-3560.  Outside the U.S. and Canada, call
    (708) 982-5001.

                    *** THANK YOU ***


We realize that  all Bulletin Boards are not the same and we are not always
able to ascertain their validity during our normal verification process. In
order not to exclude those Bulletin Boards from our program, we may request
additional information such as copies of telephone bills, proof of software
purchase  and/or registration and network and association membership.  This
information  will only be requested by U.S.  Robotics in rare cases and can
not be used solely as a means of qualification.

Before placing  an order, please take  steps to ensure the  process goes as
easily as possible.

 1. Create a login for U.S. Robotics
 2. Ensure no questionnaires or voting is necessary
 3. If your logon requires information other than password be
    sure to include this information on the order.
 4. Once this is established logon under the U.S. Robotics ID
    and look for verifiable proof of 6 months activity.  If
    you can't find it, odds are we won't be able to either.

** US Robotics CAN NOT download special software to verify  **
** your BBS.  We support the basic communication platforms. **

U.S. Robotics  is determined to provide  a SYSOP Program which  is fair and
equitable  to everyone.   Any requests  made of  SYSOPs in  order to verify
Bulletin Boards  are made in  order to ensure  that the program  serves the
entire SYSOP community and protect the USR distribution channel as well.

We will make every effort to process each and every order in a professional
and courteous manner.   Please help us to provide  the type of service  you
want and deserve by filling-out the order form as completely and accurately
as possible  and responding to our requests for additional information in a
prompt manner.

                    *** THANK YOU ***