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From Delphi's Amiga Forum

16727 17-JUL 22:26 General Information
     CD-ROM file systems
     From: JULIENNE     To: ALL

AsimWARE has a *new*  CD driver package out.  It's AsimCDFS 2.0, which is an
upgrade to the previous system.  It includes AsimTunes 2.0, with lots of
accessing and librarian features for the music end, Fishmarket 2.0 (FF 100-880),

full ARexx command set for all programs and prefs editor for all CDFS settings,
and best of all---AsimPhoto, which is a Kodak PhotoCd access and conversion

Has been tested with a number of Chinon, NEC, Toshiba, Sony, Pioneer, Texel,
Panansonic drives.  Also CDTV and A570.  Access to USO9669, Highsierra and Mac
HFS CD-ROM formats. $79.00 US.  I think I posted the address/number for AsimWARE

in a message to Grumpa on here earlier, just in case anybody's interested.


From the Amiga International Echo on Fidonet

Area: AMIGA                                   Date: 14 Jul 93 20:51:55
From: Shannon Cave (1:373/17.0)
To  : All
Subj: Good News

I just wanted to post some positive information; so many posts are doom and

The Amiga reseller that I work at here in Huntsville is doing very well.  We
are selling significantly MORE Amigas this year than last year. MOST of them
are Amiga 4000/040.  We have sold many more A4000s than A1200s.  Many of
these A4000 purchases are by people/companies who have never owned an Amiga.  
They bought them for the Video Toaster 4000 or for other graphic applications.


Area: AMIGA                                   Date: 18 Jul 93 21:26:00
From: Keith Thibodeaux (1:350/32.0)
To  : All

This is probably the improper place to place this message but thought that
maybe someone could help me here.

I am one of quite a few victims of a shareware rip off where we did not
receive our key file specifically from a guy named REID BISHOP who
programmed a door called DLGQWK for DLG Pro BBS. I was wondering who and
how I should go about taking legal action against him? I am looking for
Phone #'s etc of how to get him for his dishonesty and for taking alot of
money form quite a few people.. Please Help....