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This coming Saturday, July 24, 1993, at 5pm Pacific time, 6pm Mountain,
7pm Central, 8pm Eastern, please join us in the SIG Chat area
("go chat;2") for a special hour live online with Digital Micronics,
Inc, "DMI", hosted by Mr. Rick Tillery. 

Rick's name may be familiar to many of you; he's been online here for
quite a while and has written a number of interesting Amiga graphics
utilities.  He's now employed by DMI and will be taking over the running
of their Vendor area in the Amiga Zone at "go dmi". 

Rick will be online to discuss DMI's current product line and take
any related questions you may want to throw in his direction.

DMI has the following products for the Amiga computer:

	- Vivid 24 (shipping now!)
		Powerful rendering engine (up to 22+ times an A4000/040)
		24 bit display device (up to 2048 x 2048 in 24 bits)
		Works in the Amiga A3000, A3000T, and A4000

	- Digital Broadcaster (shipping now!)
		On-line, non-linear, digital editing hardware
		Replacement for single-frame recording systems
		Versions for the Amiga A2000, and A3000/A3000T/A4000.

	- Digital Mediacaster (available in September)
		MPEG video and audio(!) playback board
		Works in the A2000, A3000, A3000T, and A4000.

If these products interest you, this is your golden opportunity to
learn all about them.  

Please join us in the SIG Chat area beginning at the time noted above
for this special Chat.

Harv Laser
Amiga Zone Moderator/Sysop