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From:   IN%"mlinknet!"
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Subj:   Amiga Report, what else?

I just wanted to drop a quick line to tell you that Amiga Report is, for lack
of a better word, incredible.  You and your staff (please pass the word on, if
you get a chance) do a wonderful job putting the magazine together week after
week (I believe I've read three straight now), and it keeps getting better...

I'll say this about the AmigaGuide format: it's neat, and it let me see what
hypertext is all about, but the downfall is that it's annoying as hell to read
without a hyper reader...and I'll admit, those are pretty easy to come across
in the Amiga world, but I, at least, am trying to get IBM-people to read it,
and I just had to ask them to ignore the hypertext stuff. Just a comment,
really, I wouldn't suggest you change it. I'll leave you alone now, and let
you flip through your other mail. Just a final thanks for putting out a great


From:   IN%"safif@socs.uts.EDU.AU"
To:     IN%""

Hiya.. Just dropping a line to say congrats on Ar.. Keep up the good work!


I don't ordinarily run compliment letters, because I feel like we're
tooting our own horn.  But in this case, I'll make an exception. The reason
is because I try to personally answer each message I receive.  In the case
of these two, my replies were returned by the mail system as 'user not
found.'  So I figured I'd reply here.

I wanted to thank you guys for the kind words!  We put a lot of work into
the magazine, and I'm glad people are enjoying it.  I'm amazed that it has
become such a hit.  If somebody had come to me back in January and said,
"You'll be producing a hit Amiga magazine in three months," I wouldn't have
believed it.

Anyway, about the AmigaGuide format.  Initially, I wasn't too hot on the
idea myself.  I too kinda prefer to just page through the magazine with an
ASCII reader, but after several AG issues, and with our format style growing
and improving, I'm growing to like it.  Most of all, more people like it
than those that don't, so I have to lean toward the majority.  But that's
why we try to keep the majority of the AG codes at the bottom of the
magazine.  I won't be able to keep it that way forever, because as we come
up with better ideas, it may require that more codes be placed in the actual
text.  We'll do our best though, to ensure that its readable in whatever
way you prefer.

                            Rob @ Amiga Report