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Greetings!  We invite you to join us at SIGGRAPH 93, the 20th Annual 
International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, in 
Anaheim, California, 1 to 6 August 1993. At SIGGRAPH 93 we will celebrate 
where we have been and where we are going in an exciting environment that 
will include art, science, engineering, products, education, and discussion.  
People from all over the world and from varied academic and professional 
fields will gather to learn about the latest ideas and innovations in 
computer graphics.  This energetic mix of people, ideas, and technology 
always sparks fresh, new industry directions and gives rise to SIGGRAPH 93's 
conference theme:  The Eye of Technology.   SIGGRAPH again breaks new ground 
at this year's conference.  In addition to technical papers, courses, panel 
discussions, tomorrow's realities, SIGKids, the electronic theater, and the 
exhibition, several exciting programs will premiere.  Multimedia 93 is the 
Association for Computing Machinery's first international conference on 
multimedia.  This new conference, running 4 to 6 August, will be co-located 
with SIGGRAPH 93.  Also at SIGGRAPH for the first time are designing 
technology, machine culture, and a general session-Behind the Scenes:  
Computer Graphics in Film.  Join us!  We hope that you will be one of the 
more than 30,000 people we expect to attend SIGGRAPH 93.  If you have an eye 
on the future, be a part of the vision at SIGGRAPH 93 in Anaheim. 

		Robert L. Judd		Mark Resch
		Conference Co-chair	Conference Co-chair



This year at SIGGRAPH there are new programs, a new multimedia conference, 
and some exciting schedule changes. The innovative tomorrow's realities is 
back, and SIGGRAPH's traditional art show takes a new form in machine 
culture. Make a note and see what's new! 

Passport registration

This is the way to experience this year's conference. You get it all with 
the new, all-inclusive passport registration multiple lecture courses, 
SIGGRAPH and Multimedia papers/panels, the exhibition, and every other 
conference event.

Multimedia 93 

SIGGRAPH 93 enthusiastically welcomes the first ACM multimedia conference. 
Multimedia 93 will address a range of topics on processing and communicating 
information in multiple media forms. In addition to the technical program, 
be sure to stop and see multimedia products and services on the exhibit 

Machine culture:  The virtual frontier 

SIGGRAPH 93 features the debut of a curated, interactive art exhibit that 
brings you to the edge of new interactive and virtual media art. Machine 
culture artists present their work in 3D forms that poignantly address the 
theme of technology in culture. 

Designing technology 

SIGGRAPH's inaugural designing technology program features works that 
explore the role of design in the development of technology. The exhibit 
displays a product, then follows the collaborative process between designer 
and engineer to demonstrate improved product functionality.

General session 

A special blockbuster event is being offered for all registered attendeesÑ
Behind the Scenes: Computer Graphics in Film. See and hear the experts who 
create the spectacular visual effects that have reshaped Hollywood. Learn 
their secrets and discover how the images we see on the screen are created. 

Important schedule changes 

Registration will be open on Saturday from 6:00 pm-10:00 pm and on Sunday 
beginning at 7:30 am to accommodate schedule changes in the technical -
program. Courses run Sunday-Thursday, and SIGGRAPH papers/panels run 
Tuesday-Friday. The fundamentals seminar will be offered twiceÑon Sunday and 
Tuesday afternoons. There will be a welcome reception on Sunday evening, a 
SIGGRAPH 93 keynote address on Tuesday morning, and a Multimedia 93 keynote 
address on Wednesday morning.


Whether you are a novice or an expert, SIGGRAPH is a once-a-year opportunity 
to immerse yourself in new technology, art, animation, virtual reality, 
multimedia, film video, scientific visualization, engineering, and more. For 
example, the exhibit floor offers everyone a chance to learn about the 
latest products; the fundamentals seminar offers novices an introduction to 
computer graphics; and the technical program provides sessions for all 
levels of expertise, from basic to very advanced. Come, join us in the eye 
of technology.

	"The best conference that exists for visuals."*

	  "I would never even consider missing one."*

*Quotations that appear in this document are vebatim quotes from a 1992 
post-SIGGRAPH survey of attendees.

Behind the Scenes: Computer Graphics in Film

In an exciting event for all attendees, SIGGRAPH 93 brings together some of 
the top creators of computer graphics in films for an inside look at how the 
images that have changed Hollywood are made. They will share secrets and 
describe how special effects are developed for movies such as "Terminator 2" 
and "Batman."

Presenters will talk about the artistry of creating computer graphics for 
film, discuss and show film from recent projects, and show live computer 
demonstrations of animation, morphing, and other visual effects.

You'll have a great time and go away with a new appreciation for the 
thousands of hours required to create a few exciting minutes of computer 
graphics on film.

	Carolyn Williams
	Williams/Keeler Inc.

	Industrial Light & Magic
	Pacific Data Images
	Rhythm & Hues
	Sony Pictures
	Video Image

Special Interest Groups and Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions
	Open Scheduling 

Special interest groups and birds-of-a-feather sessions both bring like 
minds together. They are a great way for people to meet, exchange ideas, and 
share information on a wide variety of computer graphics interests. SIGGRAPH 
93 provides meeting space for both types of groups. 

Special interest groups are organized in advance of the conference, and the 
topics, times, and locations of these meetings are posted in the 
registration area, if requested. Meetings scheduled by 7 June 1993 are 
listed in the Final Program, if requested. 

Birds-of-a-feather sessions are planned on site. During SIGGRAPH 93, anyone 
can organize one of these impromptu meetings simply by using the sign-up 
board in the registration area. 

To schedule a special interest group meeting, please contact: 

	Phillip Getto
	Rasna Corporation
	2590 N. First Street, Suite 200
	San Jose, CA 95131
	408.922.7204 x271
	408.922.7256 fax


To ensure ample opportunity for informal interchange with your computer 
graphics friends and colleagues, SIGGRAPH 93 offers evening receptions for 
relaxation and entertainment. It's a great time to rekindle old friendships 
and establish new ones, arrange collaborations and exchange ideas, or just 
take it easy and have a good time. 

Join us for the kick-off of this year's activities at the welcome reception 
Sunday, 1 August from 5:00 pm-7:00 pm. All SIGGRAPH 93 and Multimedia 93 
attendees are invited. 


The winners of the annual SIGGRAPH t-shirt contest will be announced at the 
papers/panels reception on Thursday,  5 August.  Prizes will be awarded. 

For entry information, contact Jock Mackinlay, Xerox PARC,  fax 


SIGGRAPH 93 welcomes Multimedia 93, the Association for Computing 
Machinery's first international conference on multimedia. The co-location of 
SIGGRAPH 93 (1 to 6 August) and Multimedia 93 (4 to 6 August) offers a great 
value to attendees. 

	Tuesday and Wednesday 10:00 am-6:00 pm
	Thursday 10:00 am-3:30 pm 

SIGGRAPH 93 is the world's premiere showcase for computer graphics and 
provides exhibiting companies with direct access to buyers of cutting-edge 
computer graphics components, systems, software, and services. There is no 
better opportunity to talk with the people who are directly involved in the 
industry's conceptual advances, technological breakthroughs, new techniques, 
and leading-edge issues. 

SIGGRAPH's commitment to providing the forum for discovery and interaction 
is the reason more than 250 exhibitors will occupy 100,000 square feet of 
the Anaheim Convention Center.

More than 30,000 people are expected to attend SIGGRAPH 93. Business people, 
designers, researchers, scientists, artists, and many others will travel 
from all parts of the world to share, show, and learn about the latest 
innovations in computer graphics. In addition, attendees will be able to 
purchase hardware and software on the exhibit floor. 


Admission to the exhibition is included in the registration for courses, 
SIGGRAPH papers/panels, Multimedia 93 plus, Multimedia papers/panels, and 
the new passport registration. If attendees do not register for these 
programs, they may select the exhibits plus registration. Use the discounted 
registration card at the back of this Advance Program.

Children under 16 are not permitted to attend the exhibition. For 
information on child care, see the on-site services information. 


To reserve exhibition space, call or write: 

	SIGGRAPH 93 Exhibition Management
	Hall-Erickson, Inc.
	150 Burlington Avenue
	Clarendon Hills, IL 60514 USA
	708.850.7843 fax 

"Showcase of the newest, coolest computers  for graphics and video."


Artificial intelligence
Business and financial graphics
Cameras and scanners; scan converters
Computer-video interfacing
Desktop publishing
Electronic publishing
Graphic art systems
Graphic design systems
Graphics accelerator boards 
Graphics standard software
Hardcopy devices; photographs/slides
High-performance graphics processors
High resolution graphics display systems 
Image processing
Input devices: digitizers, light pens, mice
Low-cost graphics systems 
Mapping and cartography
Medical imaging software
Networking: hardware, software, services
Oem components
Paint systems
PC add-on products
PC-based systems
Personal computer graphics cards
Printers, plotters, and other hardcopy devices
Rendering and image synthesis software
Scientific visualization
Software (other)
Storage devices: tape/disk
Terminals, monitors, and displays
Video technology
Virtual reality
Visual arts
Windowing systems

*as of 26 February 1993.

5D Solutions Ltd.
Academic Press, Inc.
Accom, Inc.
Acrobat Graphics Systems Ltd.
Addison-Wesley Publishing Company
Adobe Systems Inc.
Advance Reproductions Corporation
Advanced Digital Imaging
Advanced Imaging
Advanced Technology Center
Advanced Visual Systems Inc.
Agfa Division
AK Peters, Ltd.
Alacron, Inc.
Alias Research Inc.
Alpha Systems
American Showcase, Inc.
AmPro Corporation
Andromeda Systems Inc.
Anjon & Associates
Apple Computer, Inc.
Ascension Technology Corporation
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Aurora Systems
autodessys Inc.
AVC Presentations
AV Video
Aztek, Inc.
Barco, Inc.
Bit 3 Computer Corporation
Brooktree Corporation
Byron Preiss Multimedia
Canon U.S.A., Inc.
Chromatek Inc.
Color Publishing
Computer Artist
Computer Design, Inc.
Computer Graphics World
Computer Pictures
Computers in Physics
Covid, Inc.
CrystalGraphics, Inc.
Data Translation
Diaquest, Inc.
Digital Arts
Digital Equipment Corporation
Discreet Logic Inc.
Division Inc.
Du Pont Pixel Systems
Dynamic Graphics, Inc.
Eastman Kodak Company
Electric Image, Inc.
ElectroGIG USA Inc.
Electronic Publishing
ENHANCE Memory Products, Inc.
Evans & Sutherland Design Systems Division
Evans & Sutherland Industrial Products Group
Extron Electronics
Fairchild Defense
FARO Technologies Inc.
Focus Graphics Inc.
Folsom Research, Inc.
Fractal Design Corporation
Fraunhofer Computer Graphics Research Group (USA)
FSI (F and S, Inc.)
Grass Valley Group
GW Hannaway & Associates, Inc.
Helios Systems
Herstal Automation Ltd.
Hewlett-Packard Company
High Color, Imagetech Publications
Hotronic, Inc.
IBM Corporation
IBM-Technology Products
IEEE Computer Society
In Focus Systems Inc.
Information International
Integrix, Inc.
Intelligent Resources Integrated Systems
International Communications Industries Association
IRIS Graphics, Inc.
Ithaca Software
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
JVC Professional Products Company
Kingston Technology Corporation
Knowledge Industry Publications/Montage Publishing Inc.
Kubota Pacific Computer
Lasergraphics, Inc.
Lasertechnics, Inc.
Liant Software Corporation
Lightwave Communications, Inc.
LSI Logic
Lyon Lamb Video Animation Systems, Inc.
Management Graphics, Inc.
Marco International, Inc.
Mathematica Inc.
Maximum Strategy, Inc.
Megatek Corporation
Minolta Corporation
MIT Press
Mitsubishi - Professional Electronics Division
Monitor/Media Age
Morgan Kaufmann Publishers
Nasa Tech Briefs
National Computer Graphics Association
Network Computing Devices
Nth Portable Graphics, Inc.
Numerical Algorithms Group, Inc.
O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
Panasonic Communications & Systems, OA Group
Parallax Graphics, Inc.
Parity Systems
Philips Semiconductors
Photometrics, Ltd.
Photron Limited
Pioneer Communications of America
Post Magazine
Prentice Hall
Preston Publications
PRIOR Data Sciences Product Sales Inc.
Programs Plus & Video
Proxima Corporation
Quarterdeck Office Systems
Rainbow Technologies, Inc.
Raster Graphics Inc.
Raytheon Company, Submarine Signal Division
RFX Inc.
RGB Spectrum
Roche Image Analysis Systems, Inc.
Ron Scott Inc.
San Diego Supercomputer Center
Santos Technology Inc.
Sanyo Fisher (USA) Corporation
School of Communication Arts
Scientific Computing & Automation
Seiko Instruments USA, Inc.
Sense 8 Corporation
Sharp Electronics Corporation
SHOgraphics, Inc.
Shooting Star Technology
Side Effects Software Inc.
Sierra Video Systems, Inc.
SIGGRAPH Education Committee
SIGGRAPH Local Groups
SIGGRAPH Video Review
Sigma Electronics, Inc.
Silicon Graphics Computer Systems
Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers
Software Security, Inc.
Software Systems
Sony Corporation
Specular International
Springer-Verlag New York, Inc.
StereoGraphics Corporation
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Supercomputing '93
Tatung Science and Technology, Inc.
Tech-Source Inc.
Techexport, Inc.
Tektronix, Inc.
Texas Memory Systems, Inc.
Thomson Digital Image
Truevision Inc.
UNIX Review Magazine
UNIXWorld Magazine
Vertigo Technology Inc.
VIC Hi-Tech Corporation
Video Graphic Technologies
Video Systems Magazine
Videomedia, Inc.
Viewpoint Animation Engineering
Vision Quest
Visionetics International Corporation
Visual Information Development Inc. (VIDI)
Visual Numerics
Visual Software, Inc.
The Vivid Group
VRontier Worlds of Stoughton, Inc.
Wacom Technology Corporation
Waite Group Press
Wasatch Computer Technology, Inc.
Wavefront Technologies, Inc.
Winsted Corporation
Xaos Tools Inc.
Yamashita Engineering Manufacture Inc.
Yarc Systems Corporation
Zeh Graphics Systems, Inc. 


SIGGRAPH is the Association for Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group 
on Computer Graphics. Started in 1967, SIGGRAPH has grown from a handful of 
computer graphics enthusiasts to a diverse membership of 12,000 people, 
including artists, engineers, animators, filmmakers, software and hardware 
developers, scientists, mathematicians, and other professionals in the field 
of computer graphics. 

In addition to its own annual conference, siggraph sponsors other 
conferences, supports a wide range of educational activities, produces a 
variety of publications, and maintains active relationships with other 
professional technical organizations around the world. SIGGRAPH has 
established local groups across the united states and internationally. 

For general information on SIGGRAPH and ACM membership, contact ACM 
headquarters at 212-626-0500 or