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/// From the Editor's Desk                        "Saying it like it is!"

A friend gave me an idea a few days ago.  He said that since Amiga Report
is such a hit in ASCII/AmigaGuide format, why not do it on video?  Video??
He said yeah, do a video Amiga magazine.  Not weekly, of course, but say,
Quarterly.  Every three months.  He's a video producer with his own studio
and equipment (including a few Toasters), so he has everything we need to
do it.  Basically, it'd be a "Video" edition of Amiga Report -- a magazine
much like Motorweek on PBS.  We could do stuff just like we do weekly in
ASCII form, only be able to SHOW it to you.  We'd have lots of neat video
effects, screen shots of reviewed programs in action, interviews with
people, and so on!

It sounds like a really neat idea, and we might even try it.  I wanted to
ask (once again) our readers.  What do YOU think?  The reason I ask is
because, naturally, this can't be a free thing like AR is every week.  We
figured $15 per copy seemed fair.  That would cover the costs of the tapes,
production, etc.  We can provide copies on VHS, Beta, NTSC or PAL.  So tell
us what you think of this idea.  Are we crazy, or might it be worthwhile?

                            Rob @ Amiga Report