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     From the Editor's Desk      Saying it like it is!
       CPU  Status Report        Apple in trouble?? Also COMDEX
       AMIGO Announcement        PCMCIA products available
        AMINET on CD-ROM         Get on a CD-ROM!
         New AREXX Book          AREXX: Some Issues in Programming
 Oregon Research Supports Amiga  Atari developer/distributer joins the Amiga arena
         Online Weekly           CD32, Terminus, and more!
   Amiga Report Mailing List     Receive AR through InterNet Email
         Emplant Update          More info on Emplant
       Directory Utilites        A look at "DU"s 
       Send In The Clones        Part II of a look at arcade clones
        Rendered Reality         Essence II
   UseNet Review - Act of War    Wonderfull battle simulation!
    A.M.I.G.A. -  He's Back!     Announcing the winner!
        Warez Out There          Terminus and more!
  UseNet Review - AsmOne v1.02   Assembler, Disassembler, Debugger for 68000
          Reader Mail            Bogus Modem tax, CD32
     Safe Hex International      How to contact SHI
        AR Confidential          Send it to the President!
      The Humor Department       *@%^# Attorneys!