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/// Directory Utilities Great and Small
    By Robert Niles

Simply put, moving large amounts of files around a hard drive can be,
well, a pain at times. Especially when you're doing it through the 
CLI. Even now with Commodore's 2.x (and higher) Workbench moving files 
(even those without icons) is certainly much easier. But sometimes 
even that isn't enough, you want to get the "big" picture.

Directory Utilities can make managing a harddrive and your files much 
easier. You can see ALL (for the most part) the files at once, pick 
out a group of them, to copy, delete, move, add comments, whatever. 
These "DU"s work better "ergonomically". Not only for management of 
files, most of these let you do other things as well. Press a button 
to load your favorite word processor, paint program, or even a game. 
Archive or Unarchive files with a few mouse clicks. View a picture by 
dobule-clicking on it. Same thing with sound samples, MODs, and whatever
else the authors of these programs place in your hands.

Which brings us to the many directory utilities out there. Most of you 
are familiar with OPUS, and DiskMaster which are on the commercial 
side of the market place, but there is a nice lot of these "DU"s to 
choose from on the PD and ShareWare side. We'll take a peek at these, 
and hopefully give you an idea of which ones would suit your needs, or 
maybe just to give you an idea of "why" you might want to use one.

I'll only be covering five of these programs here, but there are many 
more, with different features to comply with your tastes. The reviewed 
files below can be found on most commercial online systems, 
on many BBSes, or if you can't find them anywhere else they are 
available to download or to File REQuest on In The MeanTime
(The names of the files as they appear on "In The MeanTime are in 

The first four can be used with OS 1.3 or higher.

DirWork v1.3 (DIRWORK.LZH), by Chris Hames

A very small DU at 42156 bytes. It features 56 buttons in which you 
can configure to do or run just about anything currently on your 
system. Has all the basic copy, delete, sound, show buttons, even does 
system and bootblock virus checking. The display gives you the WB2.0 
feel, and has a screen blanker to boot. A very good program, 
especially considering its size.

Click DOS II v1.10 (CLICKD2.LZH), by Gary Yates

Another small DU but without the bells and whistles that you find in 
alot of these programs. This one sticks with the basics (display pics, 
reads ASCII files, move, delete, copy files, etc. Seems to be written 
for those with limited memory reserves.

SID II (SID20.LHA), by Timm Martin

This is one of my personal favorites, mostly known since SID 1.06 it 
has been completely rewritten and works well with OS1.3 and higher. 
Customizable from the palette to the buttons. All all the basic 
functions as buttons. Great 2.0 style and feel. Has a shrink gadget 
for those times in which you want it "there" but out of the way. One 
of the best features is the PARENT gadget being along the side, just 
move to either side and click, very quick, and you don't have to hunt 
for the PARENT button. 

DOS Manager v1.0 (DOSMANGR.LZH), by Joergen Stohr

Nice clean look to this one...not cluttered with a wall of buttons. 
You have four buttons at the bottom in which you click on to reveal 
more options. The program has the basics (OK, they all do), and you 
have some buttons you can customize to your specific needs.

DAN v1.2 (DAN.LHA), by Danny Y. Wong

This DU can need OS2.x or higher. Sporting 45 user defined buttons, 
bytes, time, memory available, and the rest of the basics. Nice clean 

As you see alot of these have the same features but take a look at 
them because they all vary differently and some might suit your tastes 
more than others. Directory Utilities are probably the most used 
of all the utilities out there!