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From Delphi's Amiga Forum

16511 10-JUL 02:17 General Information
     A4000, Bridgeboards, Etc.
     From: LINDQUIST    To: ALL

I am thinking about selling my A1200 and PC clones and integrating
everything into a 4000/030 box.  Needless, to say, I have quite a few

1.  How are the drive bays arranged in the 4000.  If I ditch my 386-PC,
    I will be pulling my High Density 5.25" and 212 Meg Western Digital
    4200 (FH 3.5") for use from a bridgeboard.  Can I fit my FH 3.5 drive
    where the factory drive is normally, and put the factory drive in the
    second floppy spot?

2.  How's my slot arrangement for Bridging?  I plan to install a Diamond
    Stealth VRAM card in a bridge slot, as well as any controllers that I
    may need.

3.  Is it true what I here that the Commodore 386 bridgeboard won't let you
    use the Amiga Serial/Par ports?

4.  Will I have any problems mounting a stock Teac 5.25 High Density in a
    4000 and running it through the standard Amiga floppy cable?  Can I use
    this drive on the Amiga side too (CrossDos)?

5.  If I hook my already formated and partitioned IDE hard drive to the 4000
    IDE connector will it recognize my DOS partitions for the Bridgeboard
    intact, or will I have to put on a bridge-side (PC) IDE controller to
    do this?

6.  How difficult is the Commodore 386 bridgeboard to install?  I have heard
    some not too good comments about it installation wise.  I build and
    repair generic clones as part of my job, are all of the jumpers
    associated with customizing PC-Oriented functions or making it coexist
    with the Amiga half of the box?  If it's all just PC oriented stuff, no
    prob, otherwise..

7.  I understand that If I use any of my 3 Zorro Slots that I can't use one
    of the PC slots (March AW).  Where does the bridge board plug into
    exactly?  Somebody once told me that it took one of your Zorro and one
    of your ISA slots, is this true?  If so, wouldn't using the Zorro slot
    invalidate one of your ISA slots, use one of them, and then leave with
    just one left?

8.  I plan on adding an Emplant board eventually, does anyone know of any
    incompattibilities between this and a bridge card?

9.  What type of Memory does the Commodore 386 card take?  I have a whole
    boatload of 1x9 SIMM's in my pc (8 megs worth), can I transplant these
   on over?

Thanx in advance.  Erik Lindquist.

A resonse to his questions...

16512 10-JUL 02:37 General Information
     RE: A4000, Bridgeboards, Etc. (Re: Msg 16511)

 The 386 BB is really not that difficult to install, I hate hardware
installation and it only took me about an hour to completely install.

It is true that the 386 BB does not allow you to use the Amiga Ser/Par but
a serial/par card is really inexpensive for the IBM. You can even get them
with VGA and IDE controllers.

The BB takes 256x4 or 1x4 Page Mode Zip rams -- so your 1x9 simms will not
work. Basicly you have to buy BB ram from you C= dealer.  The BB is a full
card - It stretches from one Zorro Slot all the way over 1 AT slot. In the
3000 it does not block off any slots although my VGA card did.


From FidoNet's Amiga International Echo

Area: AMIGA                                   Date: 12 Jul 93 17:22:00
From: Gordon Gilbert (1:157/616.0)
To  : All
Subj: Re: Terminus!!!

        I just recently tried Terminus 2.0 out and I must say while I like
some the new features a lot, I STILL MUCH prefer Term 3.3 overall.  And the
really GREAT thing about Term is that it is updated practically every other
month...not once in TWO YEARS.  Ok, that wasn't really fair since Terminus is
a complete rewrite but still that was a LONG wait for JrComm users.

    A FEW features that really makes Term shine that TERMINUS doesn't have:

        * Ability to use ANY Amiga Screen Resolution.
        * Unlimited # of numbers per entry for same system in Phone Book
        * Ability to assign 8svx sounds to many functions.
        * Ability to use Amiga Voice synthesis for important notices.
        * QuickDial menu
        * Ability to Remap translation tables.
        * FAST!Macros to use mouse on any system.
        * External Emulation libraries.
        * MUCH Better 'xfer window.
        * No $40 fee.

        These are just a few reasons I thought of off the top of my head for
erasing Terminus the same day I tried it out.  And it wasn't just because it
costs $40 to register...Several of the features above I wouldn't want to do
without, notably the screen resolutions (for better Retina compatibility among
other things) and the sound and voice selections, which really make Term an
interesting terminal program.  This isn't to say Jack's program isn't a great
terminal program...just that I would suggest for everyone to really compare
the two before rushing in to register Terminus.  I can see why 68000 users
would prefer Terminus though, but other than that....

Area: AMIGA                                   Date: 14 Jul 93 20:51:55
From: Shannon Cave (1:373/17.0)
To  : All
Subj: Good News

I just wanted to post some positive information; so many posts are doom and

The Amiga reseller that I work at here in Huntsville is doing very well.  We
are selling significantly MORE Amigas this year than last year. MOST of them
are Amiga 4000/040.  We have sold many more A4000s than A1200s.  Many of
these A4000 purchases are by people/companies who have never owned an Amiga.  
They bought them for the Video Toaster 4000 or for other graphic applications.


From FidoNet's Amiga_Tech echo

Date: 10 Jul 93  19:35:29
From: Seth Stroh
  To: Tom Mulcahy
Subj: Re: Performance of CISC proces
  *In a message dated  7 Jul 93  13:52:51 Tom Mulcahy writes:

TM>  uh why would the fpu in the 040/25 be 3.5 times faster than the fpu
TM> in a 486dx2/66 machine??

  I don't know if it is actually 3.5 times faster but the floating point
processor in the 68040 is significantly faster then that of the 80486.
Here is a few entries from an extensive benchmarks list I got a copy of not
to long ago...(the benchmark was for floating point transcendental

  Computer                          O/S            Compiler     Result
  4.7 Mhz  8086 (IBM XT)            MS DOS         tcc 2.0      7300
  7.1 Mhz 68000 (Amiga 500)         AmigaDOS 2.0   Manx cc5.2a  2150
 25.0 Mhz 68030 (Amiga 2000)        AmigaDOS 2.0   SAS C 6.1     369
 25.0 Mhz 80386 (Gateway 2000)      MS DOS         tcc 2.0       318
 25.0 Mhz 80386+80387 (CompuAdd)    MS DOS         tcc 2.0        31
 25.0 Mhz 68030+68882 (Amiga 3000)  AmigaDOS 2.0   SAS C 6.0      10.3
 33.0 Mhz 80486DX (Legatech)        SVR4           UCB cc          6.5
 66.0 Mhz 80486DX2 (Gateway)        MS DOS         tcc 2.0         5.5
 25.0 Mhz 68040 (Amiga 4000)        AmigaDOS 3.0   SAS C 6.2       5.4
 MIPS with FPU accelerator (SGI)    Unix           cc              1.5
 Cray Y-MP C90                      Unicos         cc              0.55

  Just had to stick the SGI and Cray on there!  Anyway, this is a partial
listing from a larger post which (I believe) was originaly off the
internet.  As you can see, in this test which is makes heavy use of
transcendental math (did something like 200,000 sine values and multiplied
them together) the A4000 (a 25Mhz 68040) outpreformed a 66Mhz 80486DX2 but
just barely.  Thats impressive if you consider the difference in clock
rate!  The 486 was more than double the clock rate!  In addition, as I
understand it, the A4000 does not support burst to/from its memory which
may or may not have slowed the 68040 in this test.
  Now if you were to compare a 33Mhz 68040 to the 66Mhz 80486DX2 you would
see an even bigger gap!  The reason for the difference in speed is simply
that the FPU design in the 68040 is simply more efficient then that of the
486.  As I understand, Intel had greatly improved the FPU preformance in
the Pentium.  I wonder if Motorola has made improvements to their FPU for
the 68060???  At any rate, I have similar benchmarks from other sources
that report similar findings...


From Usenet

From: (Hannes Gnad)

Newsgroups: comp.sys.amiga.advocacy,comp.sys.amiga.misc,
Subject: Amiga CD 32 - facts by C= !!!

Organization: user-helpdesk

Lines: 262

Distribution: world

Message-ID: <>


Hey Amiga Users out there !

To stop all senseless dicussions about technical details or pricing of the
new  'Amiga 32 CD console', here are pure, confirmed facts.

They are truely from Dr. Peter Kittel, C= Germany.
If you don't believe me, take a good look into 'de.comp.sys.amiga.misc'.
This is where his posting is from.

Now, for all who have major problems with German or who unfortunately
don't  have access to this newsgroup, I put his posting into these
newsgroups,  adding some translations.
As I'm not a master of English (and as I don't have my dictionaries with
me), the translation will be a bit free (and with mistakes), but I hope it
will  be good enough to get the point.Have fun.

> From: (Dr Peter Kittel Germany) >

Subject: Re: Die Amiga CD 32 Konsole

> Date: 1 Jul 93 12:33:22 GMT

> Gestern war nun in Muenchen eine Pressekonferenz zu dem Teil, und da hat
> man uns erlaubt, endlich Laut zu geben :-).

Yesterday, there was a press conference in Munich referring this machine,
and we were allowed to say anything to it. :-)

> Ja, das Teil ist Realitaet. Was im Otto-Katalog steht, stimmt natuer- >
lich fast, lediglich zwei Details muessen da irgendwo falsch durchge- >
rutscht sein (wir bitten um Verstaendnis, ich wasche mangels Beteili- >
gung meine Haende in Unschuld): 1. Es gibt leider *keinen* RGB-Ausgang; >

2. eine Erweiterung um weitere 2 MB ist hoechstens in der fuer spaeter >
angekuendeten Erweiterungsbox zum vollen Computer enthalten, nicht >
jedoch im Grundgeraet.

Yes, this machine is reality. What was printed in the 'Otto' catalogue, is
certainly nearly right, only two details are somehow wrong (we are sorry
about this, but I'm innocend because I had nothing to do with it).

1.Unfortunately, there's *no* RGB output.
2. A ram expansion with further 2MB will be only, if ever, included in the
   announced computer-expansion box, but not in the basic machine.
> So, und hier der offizielle Pressetext, der auf der Pressekonferenz >
vorgelegt wurde (Vorsicht: Umlaute!):

Now, here's the official press text, which was given to the press at the
conference (beware of special German letters!):

> Commodore B|romaschinen GmbH
> 60528 Frankfurt, Lyoner Strasse 38

German C= address.

> F|r sofortige Vervffentlichung:

For immediate publishing.

> Ansprechpartner:  Karola Bode
>        Leiterin Marketing/Kommunikation
>        Pressesprecherin
> Telefon:    069/6638-157
> Fax:        069/6638-139

Contact person, name, title, phone & fax number.

> Die neue Generation:
> Spielvergn|gen und Computertechnologie,
> die ultimative Game-Maschine f|r alle Action-Fans!

The new generation:
'Playing Fun' and computer technology,
the ultimate game machine for all action-fans!

> Mit der Einf|hrung des AMIGA CD32 bringt Commodore volle
> 32-Bit-Leistung in die Spielewelt. Ein neues Zeitalter der
> Unterhaltungselektronik ist angebrochen. Technologie und Spielfreude >
werden perfekt in einem Gerdt kombiniert.

Introducing the AMIGA CD32, Commodore gets full 32-bit-performance into
the  games' world. A new age of entertainment electronics has begun.
Technology  and 'Playing Fun' perfectly combined in one machine.

> AMIGA CD32 bietet mit seinem 32-Bit-Prozessor und seinem
> 32-Bit-Grafikbeschleuniger au_ergewvhnliche Grafikfdhigkeiten.
> Die Farbbrillianz wird erzeugt durch 256.000 Farben gleichzeitig > aus
einer Palette von 16,8 Millionen. Durch die neue Technologie > wird eine
Geschwindigkeit und eine Reaktionszeit erreicht, die
> den Spielspa_ zum echten Erlebnis werden ld_t.

AMIGA CD32 with it's 32-bit-CPU and it's 32-bit-graphics-accelerators
offers outstanding graphics abilities. The colour-brilliance is being done
by 256.000 colours on the screen the same time, out of a palette of 16,8
Mio. By this new technology, a speed and a reaction time is being
achieved, which will make 'Playing Fun' become a real experiance.

> Das CD-ROM-Laufwerk mit Toplade-Mechanismus ld_t sich leicht
> bedienen. Die CD wird eingelegt, und AMIGA CD32 startet automatisch. > 4
CD-Standards stehen zur Verf|gung:
> Audio CD, CD+G (Grafik), CDTV und AMIGA CD32. Die CD-Technologie >
bietet Musik in Konzertqualitdt mit digitalem Stereo-Sound bei
> einer Samling-Rate von 44 kHz.

The CD-ROM-drive with top-loading-mechanism is easy to operate.
The CD is being inserted, and AMIGA CD32 starts automatically.
4 CD-Stardards are available:
Audio CD, CD+G (graphics), CDTV and AMIGA CD32. The CD technology offers
music in concert quality with digital stereo-sound at a sampling rate of
44  khz.

> Das mitgelieferte Spielpult ermvglicht dem Spieler eine prdzise >
Steuerung |ber ergonomisch konstruierte Tasten. Der Game-Controller >
reagiert prompt, sensibel und auergewvhnlich schnell.

The included game pad allows the player a precise control by ergonomically
designed buttons. The game controller reacts immediate, sensible and
extraordinarily fast.

> AMIGA CD32 setzt einen neuen Standard im Preis-/Leistungsverhdltnis >
der Gamekonsolen.

The AMIGA CD32 sets up a new price/perfomance standard in the game console

> Als Zusatzoption wird ab Herbst '93 das MPEG Video-Modul f|r
> |ber 70 Minuten Video zu einem au_ergewvhnlichen Preis verf|gbar sein.
> AMIGA CD32-Full-Motion-Videomodul bietet bei 30 Bildern je Sekunde > 1:1

In Fall '93, the MPEG Video-Module for more than 70 minutes of video will
be  available as an option for an outstanding price.
AMIGA CD32-Full-Motion-Videomodule offers 1:1 TV quality at 30 frames per

> Das Produkt AMIGA CD32 wird ab August 1993 im Commodore Fachhandel > und
|ber die 5 grv_ten Versender verf|gbar sein. Ausgeliefert wird  > AMIGA
CD32 mit einem Game-Controller, den notwendigen
> Anschlu_mvglichkeiten an den Fernseher bzw. Monitor und einem auf >
AMIGA CD32 zugeschnittenen neuen Spiel. Aus urheberrechtlichen
> Gr|nden kann der Titel dieses Spieles noch nicht bekanntgegeben werden.

The AMIGA CD32 product will be available in August 1993 via Commodore
dealers and via the five biggest mail order companies. It will be
delievered  with a game controller, the necessary connection parts for a
TV set or a  monitor and an AMIGA CD32 adequate new game. Due to copyright
reasons, the  title of this game can't be announced yet.

> Parallel zur Einf|hrung des Produktes werden 17 AMIGA CD32-Titel >
verf|gbar sein. Bis Jahresende sind weitere 30 interessante
> AMIGA CD32-Titel vorgesehen und zwar aus den Segmenten Jump and Run, >
Simulation, Strategie und Action. Die entsprechenden Spiele sind ebenfalls
> |ber den Commodore Fachhandel verf|gbar. Firmen wie Mindscape,
Microprose, > System 3, Gremlin, US Gold Flashback, US Gold, Electronic
Arts, Ocean, > Grandslam, Millennium u. a. haben entsprechende CD's
angek|ndigt, die > |ber die jeweiligen deutschen Distributoren erhdltlich

At the point of release, 17 AMIGA CD32 titles will be available. Till the
end of the year, further 30 interresting AMIGA CD32 titles are planned,
from the categories jump&run, simulation, strategy and action. These games
 will be also available via Commodore dealers.
Companies like (see list in German text) ... have announced fitting CDs,
which will be available from their distributors.

> Der empfohlene Verkaufspreis des Produktes wird mit 699,--
> DM angegeben.

Recommended retail price is DM 699.--.
(using current money exchange rates, that's US$ 415 or 280 Pounds.)
> Technische Daten:         (Specs:)
>  Motorola 68EC020,
>  32-Bit-Mikroprozessor,          (CPU)
>  14 MHz Takt             (clock frequency)
> Speicher             (memory)
>   2 MB RAM, 32 Bit breit      (32 bit wide)
>   1 MB System-ROM,
>     enthdlt das komplette AmigaDos, ein Echtzeit-Multitasking-
>     Betriebssystem

..., containing the complete AmigaDos, a realtime-multitasking-OS.
> Laufwerk            (drive)
>   CD-ROM mit Top-Lader,       (CD-Rom with top loading)
>     doppelte Geschwindigkeit      (double speed)
> Grafik
>   AA-Chipsatz mit folgenden Modi:
>   - 256.000 darstellbare Farben aus einer Palette von
>     16,8 Millionen mvglichen
>   - Auflvsungen bis 800 x 600 Punkte
>   - 2 Grafik-Koprozessoren zur Grafikbeschleunigung

AGA-chipset, what else ?

> Videoausgabe            (video output)