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                       Announcing the publication of

                       "Some Issues in Programming"

                             by Jere M. Marrs

A Text and Reference Book for the IPC Language of The Multitasking AMIGA


        Functions                            Tracing and Debugging
        Command and Function Hosts           Signals and Interrupts
        File I/O                             Reference Section
        Compound Variables                   Full Index
        Scope of variables                   Example Programs
        Handling Strings

About the author . . .

        Dr. Marrs has been the author of monthly articles on ARexx in the
Northwest Amiga Journal ("ARexx: REXX for the Amiga") for the last year and
a half and has conducted classes on beginning and intermediate ARexx. It is
from these that he began to shape the content of this book.

        In a research career in semiconductor materials and processes, he
has used computers of all genera and many species. Starting with scientific
programs written in FORTRAN on ancient mainframes, he has also programmed
in BASIC, FORTH, C and Modula-2. Interested in programming languages in
general, he became intrigued by ARexx when it was introduced by Bill Hawes
around 1987.  He began to weave the operation of everything on his Amiga
together with ARexx and developed an appreciation for the programming
environment it represents.

        In writing programs of increasing complexity, he discovered many of
the subtle characteristics that the simple syntax of the REXX language
belies.  Developing the foundation of the language and enhancing it with
attention to subtlety and detail, this book makes writing simple programs
with some elegance more accessible.

Published by:

                       Technical Resources Northwest
                              P.O. Box 25037
                          Portland OR 97225-0037
                           Phone: (503)246-3484

                            ISBN 0-9636575-0-X

                           170 pages, coil bound
                            8&1/2"X11" format
                 $30 US; $39 CAN Plus shipping ($3.95 US)