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Oregon Research, a major developer/distributor of Atari ST software for the 
last seven years, has just signed a long term agreement with HiSoft and AVR 
to provide distribution and product support for their entire line of Amiga
products. We have partnered with HiSoft for several years now in distribution
and support in the Atari market (they distribute our software in England and we
distribute and support their software in North America), and this is the
logical extension of our excellent business relationship. Initially we will
be providing distribution and product support for:

Devpac 3           Professional 680x0 Assembly Language Development System
HighSpeed Pascal   Professional Pascal Language Development System
PowerBasic         Entry level Structured BASIC
HiSoft Basic 2     Professional BASIC Language Development System (avail 9/93)
ProFlight          Tornado Fighter Flight Simulator
Clarity 16         Professional 16 bit stereo sound sampler, effects processor
                   and sound editor
AMAS 2             8 bit stereo sound sampler with integrated MIDI interface 
                   and sound processing/sequencing
MegaLoSound        8 bit stereo sound sampler and effects processor with 
                   direct to hard disk recording
ProMidi            Amiga MIDI interface with MIDI cables
VideoMaster        Real time Video Digitizer

In addition, we are developing two new exciting Amiga applications at 
Oregon Research for release in early 1994.  The decision to support the Amiga 
platform is one we have wanted to make for a long time and we are very excited
with the capabilities of the machine and for the opportunity to serve the 
Amiga community.

If anyone has any questions regarding any of our Amiga products we provide 
free online technical support here as well as on Genie: ORA and on
CompuServe:  71333,2655 or you can call us at (503) 620-4919 or FAX us at
(503) 624-2940

Best regards,

 ____                                                                   ____
///  Bob Luneski, President                                         ///
///  Oregon Research   Genie: ORA  ///
 //   16200 S.W. Pacific Hwy., Suite 162      CompuServe 71333,2655   //
  /    Tigard, OR 97224   Phone: (503) 620-4919  FAX: (503) 624-2940    /