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/// AR Confidential                    We heard it through the grapevine!

Orlando, FL -- A new disk-based magazine for the Atari ST/TT/Falcon
computers was announced last week. "Atari United" is said to be a technical
journal as well as an all-around magazine.  The publication will ship
each month on a floppy disk with custom front-end software.  Subscription
prices have not yet been determined.

Washington, DC -- The Clinton Whitehouse goes online.  Well, sort of.  You
may now send Electronic Mail to the President on most of the major online
services... ClintonPZ on America Online, 75300,3115 on CI$, WHITEHOUSE on
GEnie, Whitehouse at Fidonet Node 1:2613/333, on
the Internet and White House on MCI Mail (MCI ID: 589-5485).  Prodigy
expects to have a White House Email address sometime this summer.  You are
not, however, guaranteed a response from the White House -- and certainly
not online.  At this point, all Email is sent on floppy disks by a
representative of each online service, arriving at the White House on foot,
as it were, courtesy of the US Post Office.  Messages with valid postal
addresses then receive a hard-copy reply from a White House worker or
volunteer.  "Our goal is to have messages responded on online by the fist
of the year," said Jock Gill, White House liaison to online services.