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Subj:   Amiga CD32

Hi Rob.
Just a quick note to say "thanks!" for Amiga Report, and for all the work
that goes in to producing it. Must say I _love_ the new AmigaGuide
format. Makes skimming before a thourough read a breeze!
The following appeared recently in comp.sys.amiga.misc, and purports to
be the translation of a message from C= Germanys Dr Peter Kittel, who in
turn was reporting the announcement there of the `Amiga 32 CD console'.
Make of it what you wish! ;) (Call it rumour for now though...)
Oh, before I add the text file, a couple of other things. First, the story
about hidden modem taxes is _completely bogus!_. This same story was
thrashed out in the online journal, "Telecom Digest" a few weeks ago, and
all those "in the know" agreed that it's cleverly fabricated hocus-pocus. As
I remember, neither "The San Jose Herald", nor "Congressional spokesperson
Bonnie Houck", nor even "Clinton Administration spokesperson J. R. Dobbs"
exist! Other parts of the story were also proved to be fake, but I don't
remember all the details. (Sorry). Secondly, in an earlier mag. someone
mentioned the fact that the A5000 rumour had been published in the UK
magazine "Amiga Mart". Amiga Mart is a complete rag, containing mostly
classified ads for pirated software, and greetings from cracking groups, and
is barely worth the inferior quality "toilet paper" it's printed on. The
fact that they picked up on the ancient Internet A5000 april fools joke
gives it no more weight. The photo they published was of a PC motherboard!,
with a bit of paper stuck on the cpu, poorly labled 68060. In the same issue
they published a story about a mail order company selling the A600 for a
record breaking low price of 185UKP. Wrong! Checking with the company, it is
the HD upgrade pack for the A600 which is 185UKP, the A600 is the same old
price. Most of the rest of their copy is taken straight from "Amiga Report"
word for word! (I hope they have your permission!)
<> ------------------ 53.15.00, 06.30.00 
Matt Brookes. Dublin, Ireland.

From: (Hannes Gnad)
Organization: user-helpdesk
Date: Fri, 2 Jul 1993 13:37:33 GMT
Newsgroups: comp.sys.amiga.advocacy,comp.sys.amiga.misc,
Subject: Amiga CD 32 - facts by C= !!!

Hey Amiga Users out there!  To stop all senseless dicussions about
technical datails or pricing of the new `Amiga 32 CD console', here are
pure, confirmed facts.  They are truly from Dr Peter Kittel, C= Germany.
If you don't believe me, take a good look into 'de.comp.sys.amiga.misc'.
This is where his posting is from.  Now, for all who have major problems
with German or who unfortunately don't have access to this newsgroup, I
put his posting into these newsgroups, adding some translations.  As I'm
not a master of English (and as I don't have my dictionaries with me),
the translation will be a bit free (and with mistakes), but I hope it
will be good enough to get the point.  Have fun.

Yesterday, there was a press conference in Munich referring this machine,
and we were allowed to talk about it.  :-) Yes, this machine is reality.
What was printed in the 'Otto' catalogue, is certainly nearly right, only
two details are somehow wrong (we are sorry about this, but I'm innocent
because I had nothing to do with it).

1. Unfortunately, there's *no* RGB output.

2.  A RAM expansion with further 2MB will be only, if ever, included in
the announced computer expansion box, but not in the basic machine.

Now, here's the official press text, which was given to the press at the

Commodore B|romaschinen GmbH
60528 Frankfurt, Lyoner Stra_e 38
F|r sofortige Vervffentlichung [For immediate release]
Ansprechpartner:  Karola Bode
Leiterin Marketing/Kommunikation/Pressesprecherin
Telefon:    069/6638-157
Fax:        069/6638-139
[Contact person, name, title, phone & fax number.]

Introducing the Amiga CD32, Commodore brings full 32-bit performance to
the games world.  A new age of entertainment electronics has begun.
Technology and 'playing fun' perfectly combined in one machine.  Amiga
CD32 with it's 32-bit CPU and it's 32-bit accelerated graphics offers
outstanding graphics capabilities.  The brilliant colour is created by
having 256,000 colours on screen the same time, out of a palette of 16.8
Milion.  With this new technology, a speed and a reaction time is being
achieved, which will make 'playing fun' become a real experiance.  The
CD-ROM drive with top-loading mechanism is easy to operate.  When CD is
being inserted, the Amiga CD32 starts automatically.  Four CD stardards
are available:  audio CD, CD+G, CDTV and Amiga CD32.  The CD technology
offers concert quality music, with digital stereo sound at a sampling
rate of 44 khz.

The included game pad allows the player a precise control using
ergonomically designed buttons.  The sensitive game controller reacts
immediately.  The Amiga CD32 defines a new price/perfomance standard in
the game console market.  In Autumn '93, the MPEG video-module for more
than 70 minutes of video will be available as an option for an
outstanding price.AMIGA CD32-Full-Motion-Videomodule offers 1:1 TV
quality at 30 frames per sec.  The Amiga CD32 product will be available
in August 1993 via Commodore dealers and via the five biggest mail order
companies.  It will be delievered with a game controller, the necessary
connection parts for a TV set or a monitor and an Amiga CD32-aware new
game.  Due to copyright reasons, the title of this game can't be
announced yet.  At the date of release, 17 Amiga CD32 titles will be
available.  Till the end of the year, further 30 interresting AMIGA CD32
titles are planned, from the categories jump&run, simulation, strategy
and action.  These games will be also available via Commodore dealers.
Companies have announced comatatble CDs, which will be available from
their distributors.

Recommended retail price is DM 699. [IR#288 at current exchange rates]

Technical Data:

CPU: Motorola 68EC020, 32-bit microprocessor

Clock speed: 14 MHz 

Memory:  2 MB RAM, 32 bit wide, 1 MB system ROM, contains the full AmigaDOS, a
real-time, multitasking OS.

Drive: Top-loading CD-ROM (double speed)
Graphics: AA chipset - 256,000 colours from 16.8 million, resolutions to
800x600, 2 graphics co-processors.

Video Outputs:  PAL, NTSC and SECAM RF modulator, composite video               

Audio: 4 channel stereo sound with 8 bit DAC, 16-bit audio CD, stereo at 44 kHz

Connectors: 11-button control pad. 2 game pad/joystick/mouse connectors, high sp
eed 'Aux'
connector for keyboards/virtual reality gloves etc.
Expansion connector for full-motion video card (MPEG) and an expansion
device to convert the Amiga CD32 into a full Amiga computer

Supported CD formats: Amiga CD32, audio CD, CD+G, CDTV.

Dimensions: 212 mm deep x 311 mm wide x 81 mm high

Weight: 1.53 kg

PSU: External, 22 watt

Frankfurt, 28.06.93

Best regards, 
Dr Peter Kittel  
Commodore Frankfurt, Germany

Ahh, what a work.  Hope you will like this new thing and that we will see
full reviews in the magazines soon.  An that it will hit the shops soon.
I think I gonna buy one.


Thanks for the kind words, and for the translation, Matt!  When you
mentioned Amiga Mart printing stuff from Amiga Report, no, they did not
have permission.  However, the A5000 rumors in that case don't really
matter.  I actually don't remember where they came from (the Internet
I think), so it's not a problem.  Though it would have been nice if Amiga
Mart had at least mentioned where they got it. ;)

The info on the CD32 is most welcome!  I sure hope Commodore USA will
confirm this information soon.  A lot of people are waiting with baited
breath (what IS baited breath anyway???) for some reliable information.

                            Rob @ Amiga Report