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/// From the Editor's Desk                        "Saying it like it is!"

Remember a few weeks ago when I lamented the lack of some serious business
software for the Amiga?  Well, much to my surprise, there are no fewer than
FOUR point-of-sale systems for the Amiga!  I received a letter from Mr. Joe
Rothman, pointing out that The Accountant, Best Business Systems, Service
Industry Accounting, and Retail Escort are all very good POS packages.  In
fact, I hope to print a review of Retail Escort in a future issue.  Many
thanks to Mr. Rothman for this information!

Speaking of letters, I received a letter from a (what's the word?), um, 
less-than-pleased reader of Amiga Report.  He had received the issue on
one of Amiga Animation Magazine's cover disk, and thought we were res-
ponsible for compiling those disks.  We are not affiliated with any other
Amiga publication, any online service, or any "company" other than STR
Publishing.  We are an independent, not-for-profit magazine run for the
benefit of the Amiga Community.

With that said, I would like to point out that in our Copyright Section,
found at the end of each magazine, it strictly states that Amiga Report
cannot be distributed by for-profit oranizations, which include magazine
cover disks.  We have not been contacted about permission to include our
magazine on Amiga Animation Magazine's cover disks, and we do not authorize
it.  If you read Amiga Animation Magazine and find any issues after Amiga
Report #1.16 on their cover disk, or any magazine cover disk, please send
me Email with the name and date of the publication, and the phone number
and address to the editorial office.  The ONLY charge anyone should expect
to pay to receive Amiga Report are charges from whatever online service
they call to download the issue, and/or any long distance telephone
charges.  It's not that I don't want the magazine on their disks, just that
I want their readers to know that we are not affiliated with that magazine.

More good news -- we have just received the newest release of VirusZ,
version 3.08.  This program will now kill the dreaded F**K virus, that
monster revlealed a few issues ago.  Look for this program soon on a
BBS near you!

With that out of the way, I'd like to take a moment to recognize the hard
work that my staff and various contributors have done for Amiga Report.
We're now into the seventeenth issue, and without you guys, we wouldn't
exist!  You guys are doing a great job!  Extra thanks go to one of our
Technical Editors, Mr. Robert Niles, for the new AmigaGuide format.  Thanks
to him, I might even figure out how to setup documents in AmigaGuide!

                            Rob @ Amiga Report