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     From the Editor's Desk      CBM's CD32 ???
       CPU  Status Report        Apple layoffs
         Online Weekly           The lines are buzzing
     CBM Shareholder Update      For information....
 Important Information From SHI  Send in those viruses!
           Q&A on SHI            SHI answers some frequently asked questions
 Usenet Reivew - GVP ioExtender  Reviewed with v1.7 software
           Game Demos            The best of the playable previews
        Rendered Reality         Choosing an animation platform
        Reader Ramblings         A responce to "The CatMan"
      Usenet Review - CDTV       Commodore's Dynamic Total Vision
      Send In The Clones!!       Clones of the old Arcade hits
        AR Confidential          Info on CBM's CD32 (In German)
      The Humor Department       The top 10 for *BM!!!