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/// Game Demos:  Which ones are worth it?
    By Robert Niles

OK, all this is my own opinion (and that of my seven-year-old son) BUT 
here's a listing of what I figure to be our 5 most favorite playable 
previews within the "jump and run" style games (Contact appropriate
companies on how to purchase the full game). 
I'll start with the least favorite of the 5 and work my way to the number 
one (which was not agreed upon between my son and I).

These files (archived name in parenthesis) should be available on most 
BBSs and commercial online systems. All are available on In The MeanTime.

#5 - Super Caldron (DCD-SUPC.DMS) 
        Great graphics, no sound (on a 1MB Chip RAM machine, don't know if 
        this will be different for those who have more RAM). But good 
        original ideas!! You're a little Warlock who has this endless 
        supply of stones to throw around...pick up a broom here and there 
        and fly! ...but watch out for the buzzards!! 
#4 - RoboCod (ROBOCOD.LHA) 
        A funny new twist, more of an exploration type jump and run, but 
        plenty to do and lots of secret places to find. Your charactor is
	part robot, part fish running around, the second level is neat...
	never saw a fish jump so high!! 
#3 - Arabian Nights (ARABIAN.LHA) 
        Arabian Nights - another with great graphics. Secret places, the 
        bad guys, lots of "acid" lakes to jump over, and a small bit of 
        detective work will get you through the first level, then you're 
        off on a cart ride through some mines in a race against time to 
	finish off this preview. 
#2 - Woody's World (WOODYW.DMS) 
        Now you got this little guy, in in the true Super Mario fashion 
        you can have this little guy change into some sort of King, 
        who can finally throw some killer stars against the bad guys in 
        the land. Lots of "secret" places to keep you going after it again
	and again! Great graphics!
#1 - This one was tied.... 
     Traps-n-Treasures (TRSI_TNT.DMS) 
        REALLY good game, original ideas, some problem solving and LOTS 
        to explore!! You gotta a guy (a pirate) to run around with, there 
        are shops in which he can get more stuff to better his fighting 
        and to increase his health. There is plenty of underwater 
        swimming, as well as stuff on top for you land lubbers. 
        The only disadvantage here is some of the stuff is in German, 
        but this won't stop you from playing at all!! Avoid the pirates 
        on top and the sea animals below and explore! 
     Zool Demo (ZOOLDEMO.LHA) 
        Well of course you have heard of this one. You're an ant on a 
        high speed mission to get as much candy and junk as possible 
        while avoiding all moving creatures...lots to do here!! 
        AGA demo version is available also.