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/// Often-Asked Questions about SHI and Answers
    By Michael Arends

Q: How do I know you're not doing this for profit?

A: I've tried going through the "legal channels" to make this an
   OFFICIAL non-profit organization, but the cost alone just to be
   established was outrageous. If you need real proof that I am doing
   this not for profit, contact Erik Soerensen or Lars Kristensen in
   Denmark. They have records of all moneys sent to them from the RVC's

Q: Where is the PC Version of SUPERKILLERS?

A: We have it!  After a L-O-N-G time in the waiting, I finally have it.
   It's actually two disks: McAfee's AntiVirus and F-Prot AntiVirus.

Q: When are the SHI projects going to happen, ie, a universal BBS killer?

A: Some of the projects are happening as you read this. Example, I have
   already seen the "Bootblock.library" that's NOW being used in versions
   of X-Copy! Now if I can get SSI to have MAVERICK to use this same
   feature, we'll be rockin'! (By the way, this library detects 180
   different bootblock viruses before copying disks!)

   As for other projects, we are looking for programmers. If you know of
   any good ones, please let us know!

Q: Are software companies intentionally producing these viruses, so that
   they in turn can sell virus-killing programs at a huge profit?

A: Perhaps....Most of the time it is done by someone who just wants to
   ruin your system.  Other times it is poor programming by "hackers". 
   Still other times it is "system glitches" and not a virus at all. 
   This is why it is IMPORTANT to have the latest information on these
   things, and even  MORE important to have the latest killers from a
   non-commercial center.In the long run, the ones who profit are YOU.

Q: Why do the prices for SHI disks keep changing ?

A: To try and get more people interested in the SHI-disks, while keeping the
   price at an agreeable setting. If disks aren't selling, drastic measures
   need to be taken.  However, I feel that the prices set now (June 1, 1993)
   are fair prices (taking into accordance the price is established by
   Safe Hex Interntional) and will not change for some time.

Q: What's the difference between ordering from you and ordering from Jim
   Maciorowski in Florida?

A: Not a thing...but if you live closer to Florida, the length of time
   to get disks in the mail is decreased.  I've had disks go to him that
   wouldn't reach him until a week or so after I mailed them!

Q: Why isn't SUPERKILLERS available to download from the RVC BBS's?

A: Good question.  Let's take the Fred Fish library for example.  A man
   compiles a disk, distributes it to subscribers, and within a week
   almost every major BBS has the disks.  Then the users of those boards
   download it for free, and Fred Fish gets ZERO for the disk. The disks
   aren't spread ILLEGALLY, but the fact that too many people have access
   to them and don't get it from a source indicates leeching and poor

Q: But Fred Fish is a COMPILER, not a PROGRAMMER. Is SHI this way too?

A: SHI is composed of several programmers. In essence,"SHI" and "Anti-
   Virus Programmers" are synonymous. SHI is NOT just a compiling
   organization.  We collect new viruses and help the authors who are
   making the anti-virus programs and share the contributions that are
   sent to SHI.  Don't think of us as another Fred Fish, although we
   have been quoted as being such.  We work hard to keep your Amiga
   virus-free. Don't you think a few bucks is good preventative main-
   tenance from something that could destroy thousands of hours of work
   in mere seconds?

Q: What future projects do you have in store for us in the USA?

A: Jim Maciorowski has started a VSUM-like program that has the list of
   all known Amiga viruses and what they do. He has written an article
   that is in the July 1993 issue of Amigaworld magazine, and I am
   seeking other publications to contribute articles to. Such as AR
  (Amiga Report,hehehe),and Amazing Amiga computing.

   As for subscriptions, I will continue to analyze what prices are the
   most cost-effective and experiment until the end of this year.  After
   January 1, 1994, bonus disks with subscriptions will no longer be
   included with orders from EITHER RVC  made after that date. 

   As always, I am open to suggestions...


  Our organization "Safe Hex International", SHI, is a grass roots
movement which  started  in  1990 with Amiga computers. Today we are
an organization with around 600  members who are all more or less
involved in our work.

  We now have 31 virus centres around the world which have free phone
help lines,and where anyone can get the latest Shareware virus killers
on disk. These disks have been translated into the relevant languages
with all imaginable instructions. Even inexperienced users can
immediately understand what to do.

  The price of these disks is now at $5 US, including disk and postage
i.e. a  price  anyone  can  afford. These disks are updated approximately
every 4 to 6 weeks,and contain programs which are generally better than
the best commercial virus killers!

  Our organization or our "movement",I should say, does not have the
formal structure one normally associates with clubs, associations and
the like. We are a non-profit making organization which has a very
specific aim, we try to make active efforts which, in many ways,resemble
those of Greenpeace.The resemblance to Greenpeace is not just coincidental.
Greenpeace works in the biological environment. The only difference with
us, is that we work in the data environment.

  As always, if you are interested in contacting SAFE HEX INTERNATIONAL
for ANY REASON, especially for virus information or ordering
can contact any of our worldwide Anti-virus centers. the address's to
ALL our worldwide centers have been listed in "AMIGA REPORT 114" or you
can just write us at the address below..

       Michael Arends                     PIONEERS BBS: 
       SHI RVC/West
       P.O. Box 1531                      (206) 775-7983
       Lynnwood, WA. 98046-1531