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/// Safe Hex International Important Update

       TO: ALL                            From: Michael Arends
                                                SHI RVC/West
                                                P.O. Box 1531
                                                Lynnwood, WA 98046-1531

 It is becomming Apparent to SHI that we may be running into a problem,
 that is we are currently running into a sort of slump as far as people
 turning in new viruses. Now certain programmers are seemingly having no
 problem finding some new viruses, BUT is making it HARD for all the OTHER
 programmers by NOT sharing them.

 WE NEED YOUR HELP, we need you to send us as many AMIGA viruses  as
 possible, PLEASE send them to EITHER of the SHI regional virus centers.
 Mark the disk * ATTENTION VIRUS * and state if you want a reply or not, we
 will try to get your disk back to you, BUT it is not  guarenteed. After
 the disk is analyzed, the disk will be formatted and your name arkived in
 the trash if thats what you want, and we ALWAYS keep our promise. 

                         Thanks, Michael Arends

   Send your viruses to the following addresses..

                       SAFE HEX INTERNATIONAL
                       Erik Loevendahl Soerensen
                       Snaphanevej 10
                       4720    Praestoe

                       Ph.   + 45  55 99 25 12
                       Fax   + 45  55 99 34 98
           Michael Arends                      PIONEERS BBS: 
           SHI RVC/West                       
           P.O. Box 1531                      (206) 775-7983
           Lynnwood, WA. 98046-1531
           Jim Maciorowski                     Ground Zero BBS:
           SHI RVC/East                        (813) 849-4034
           P.O. Box 724                        (813) 845-4577
           Port Richey, Florida                (813) 934-9765