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From Skipper Smith on Fidonet's Amiga_Tech echo...

For those people who saw my comment on the Quantum GO drive and the A1200
that I have but won't work together.  I finally got in touch with someone
at Quantum's technical support and I have been told that the problem is a
firmware bug and if I send my drive back to them they will replace it with
one that works.  As the GO drive was the best $/MB (at the time, my
primary interest- far more so than speed), I am happy to hear this and I
will be happy to report the results of my returning the drive when I get
it back.

Skipper Smith                        Motorola Technical Training
All opinions are my own and not necessarily those of my employer


From Flayberger on Bix...

Thank you! I don't know who to personally thank, but a BIX user was kind
enough to take my announcement about being laid off from Commodore and
have it distributed in an Amiga Report. After seeing my request in the
Amiga Report, an Amiga user in Philadelphia called me about an ad-
vertisement he had seen in The Philadelphia Inquirer a few days earlier.
Since it sounded good to me, he faxed me a copy of the ad. I responded
and got the position :-) I started to work on Monday, 6/21/93 as the
Multimedia Information Product Developer for NCR, an AT&T Company in
Columbia, South Carolina. Thanks again to everyone who helped in my job