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/// From the Editor's Desk                        "Saying it like it is!"

There are a lot of rumors flying about Commodore's CD32 game console.  No
confirmed information exists that we know of, but we have included a press
release in German later in the issue that has some interesting details.
I was unable to get it translated in time for publication, so you'll have
to fend for yourselves in that respect.  If somebody out there wouldn't
mind sending me a translated copy, I'll run that next week.

The big question about this new game console is, "Will Commodore market
it properly?"  I hope so.  If not, it'll die just like Atari's Lynx
color portable video game system.  If people don't know it exists, they
won't buy it.

Also, Atari's Jaguar system will literally blow the CD32 into the weeds
if it makes it out at the projected price of $200 (compared to $400 for
the CD32).  The Jaguar is a 64-bit RISC system with a DSP, compared to
a 68020 at 14 MHz and AGA for the CD32.  Hmmm...  While the CD32 will
easily compare to the 3DO and Sega CD, it can't hope to compete on even
ground with the Jaguar, should it be successful.

We've added yet another distribution site -- this time in Portugal.  Much
thanks to Sysop Celso Martinho.  We hope to add distribution sites soon
in Germany and the UK, as well as other countries.  If you are a BBS
sysop in these areas, have an internet address and would like to be a
distribution site, please send me Email.

That's it for now.  See ya next week!

                            Rob @ Amiga Report