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     From the Editor's Desk      A Word of Caution
       CPU  Status Report        Modem Taxes??
         CDROM-FS v1718          New release of CDROM device
        New M.O. Company         Another place to get Amiga wares
         Blitz Basic 2           New Release
     MEBBSNet v1.0 Release       Specs and info of MEBBSNet BBS program
         Online Weekly           The lines are buzzing!
        SHI Announcement         Reward info on info relating to Virus programmers
        Tip of the Week          Creating Hardlinks
   Usenet Review - Cybernetix    Great game!!
   Microbotics 1230XA Review     An Accelerator for the A1200
           A.M.I.G.A.            Contest!!!!!
   Usenet Review - Zeus 68040    Accelerator for the A2000
        Warez Out There          PD/SW program information
       Lazarus Long V II         Humorous Sayings and such
          AR InfoFile            MCI 800-Collect
        AR Confidential          New Cereal from a BIG developer!
     The Humor Department        SSLLLAAAAPPPPP !!!!!