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/// Amiga Tip of the Week
    By Robert Niles

For those of you who dislike having to change the DEFAULT TOOL on the Amiga
Report's Icon from MULTIVIEW to AMIGAGUIDE each week might be interested in
this. You have to have OS 2.x (sorry 1.3 readers, you will still have to 
go in and change the DEFAULT TOOL), and all you have to do is create a 
"HardLink" so that everytime MULTIVIEW is called AMIGAGUIDE is run.

You do this with OS2.x 's MAKELINK command. MAKELINK will create a file 
which "points" to another file whenever called upon as an application or 
a command.

To do so all you have to do is type:


(Template: MAKELINK [FROM] <file> [TO] <file> [HARD])

This assuming that AMIGAGUIDE is in the Utilities directory.
The MAKELINK command requires that the FROM and TO fields be on the same 

You only have to do this once, and MULTIVIEW and AMIGAGUIDE could be 
replaced with any other application or command you wish (Like when an
icon asks for MUCHMORE you can have it call up MORE instead).

Now that's some aspirin for an old headache eh?