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/// A Word from Safe Hex International

                                P.O. Box 1531
                                Lynnwood, WA  98046-1531

     A word from Erik Lovendahl Soerensen from the MAIN SHI CENTER:

 Several  people have asked me about our  reward of $1000 for the name
of a virus programmer, and a few have phoned me or have written to me to
get the reward. One of the questions I've been asked was about if other
than Amiga viruses were included for the reward.  Of course we pay the
reward for ALL different kinds of viruses both PC, MAC  and like.

 Today I don't have a valid virus announcement. If you know a virus
 programmer, please state the following:

   1. The  virus  name  (must be well-known).
   2. The address and name of the virus programmer.
   3. The name and the address of other people, who maybe know
      that the virus programmer has spread this virus.
   4. If you know, which way the virus was spread please state
      this, (spread e.g. by modem) 
 I can ensure that your name will be held 100% confidential, when we
 contact the  police, if you want that!

      Please  contact  me, and  I will send you more info:

                       SAFE HEX INTERNATIONAL
                       Erik Loevendahl Soerensen
                       Snaphanevej 10
                       4720    Praestoe

                       Ph.   + 45  55 99 25 12
                       Fax   + 45  55 99 34 98
       Michael Arends                       PIONEERS BBS: 
       SHI RVC/West
       P.O. Box 1531                       (206) 775-7983
       Lynnwood, WA. 98046-1531
       Jim Maciorowski                     Ground Zero BBS:
       SHI RVC/East                        (813) 849-4034
       P.O. Box 724                        (813) 845-4577
       Port Richey, Florida                (813) 934-9765