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    Canadian Prototype Replicas has released a new version of CDROM-FS, the
    HiSierra and ISO-9660 File System for the Commodore Amiga line of 
    personal computers.

    New features include:

        o Requires AmigaDOS(tm) 2.04 or greater.

        o Now supports all known SCSI CDROM drives.

        o Supports JVC XR-W1001 in read modes.

        o Supports Philips CDD-521 in read modes.

        o Supports Toshiba XM-3301/3401 CDROM-XA modes automatically.

        o Utilizes Exec Pooled Memory Model.

        o CDDACtrl Players converted to stand alone.

        o New Lock and Unlock ARexx commands for CDDACtrls.

    CDROM-FS  release  1718  addresses mostly minor concerns associated
    with some of the newer drives now available.  Additionally, code
    size has been reduced, while increasing overall performance.  New
    international character recognition code has also been added to
    handle discs in either alpha order or ISO-9660 order and discs that
    have minor mastering problems in their path tables.

    Customers  wishing to  upgrade  to  version  1718  from a  previous
    version,  may return their  original disk along  with  $10.00 (CAN)
    directly to  Canadian Prototype Replicas,  or  take their  original
    disk to  their  dealer,  who is  authorized to copy the new version
    onto an original disk.

    Canadian Prototype Replicas is a leading edge software  development
    firm specializing in system level software for the Commodore  Amiga
    line of personal computers including CD-Rom, Networking, and System
    Resource Management.

                        Product: CDROM-FS
                        Version: 1718
                   Retail Price: $50 Canadian
                        Contact: Allan M. Purtle
                        Company: Canadian Prototype Replicas
                          Phone: +1 519 884 4412