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                            MCI's 1-800-COLLECT

     MCI  has  announced 1-800-COLLECT,  a new  way  for consumers  to make
collect calls.  Beginning  today, children, students, men and women  in the
armed services, travelers, truckers -- everyone who takes advantage of long
distance collect  calling -- will be  able to save their  parents and loved
ones  up to  44 percent (vs.  AT&T operator-dialed rates)  on collect calls
they make from any phone in America and Puerto Rico.  Americans now  make 1
billion collect calls each year, spending more than $3 billion.

     "Until MCI's 1-800-COLLECT, collect calling lagged far behind advances
made in other products and services in the long distance marketplace," said
Gerald  H.  Taylor,  president  of MCI  Consumer  Markets.  "Reversing  the
charges,  which dates  back to  the 1890s,  is one  of the  oldest services
available.  Contemporary collect  callers  have been  stuck with  some very
old-fashioned constraints."

     When the  consumer makes a "0+"  collect call today, the  person he or
she  is calling is charged by the  long distance provider of the phone from
which the  call is placed.   Demand has been suppressed  due to complicated
dialing schemes, high prices and the absence of any true competition.

     "In  a  world where  consumers  usually make  choices  about services,
collect callers are simply left out," Taylor continued.

     To  use   the  new   service,   callers  simply   dial   1-800-COLLECT
(1-800-265-5328)  to reach an operator  who will connect  the call. Neither
the caller nor the
recipient  needs  to be  an MCI  customer.  1-800-COLLECT is  made possible
through  billing  arrangements with  local  telephone  companies and  MCI's
proprietary    ISN   (Intelligent    Service   Network),    a   specialized
software-controlled network  for MCI's Calling Card  and Operator Services.
The ISN enables  MCI to provide  the customized call  handling and  network
routing for 1-800-COLLECT calls. The network efficiency provided by the ISN
is passed on to consumers in the form of lower rates.

     MCI launches  today a  multi-media  national advertising  campaign  to
introduce 1-800-COLLECT.   Advertising  will  appear on  network and  cable
television, in print publications  and outdoor media throughout the  United

CONTACT:  Kate Fralin or Su-Lin Cheng of MCI, 1-800-436-9749