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/// Fish Disks 871-880 Now Available!
    A notice from Fred Fish

Disks 871-880 are now available.  Shipping to all those who have preordered
disks should be complete by 17-Jun-93.

Note that you can get a copy of the catalog (2 disks) of the complete library
contents by sending $3 for disks, postage, and mailer to:

        Fred Fish
        Catalog Disk Requests
        1835 East Belmont Drive
        Tempe, Arizona  85284


ABackup         A very powerful backup utility that may be used both for hard
                disk backup and for file archiving.  Has a full Intuition
                interface, a "batch" mode, can save/load file selection, handle
                HD floppies, use any external compression program, etc...
                Includes both English and French versions.  Version 2.43, an
                update from version 2.40 on disk 838.  Shareware, binary only.
                Author:  Denis Gounelle.

DImpWin         A GUI interface for Disk-Imploder (included) by A.J. Brouwer.
                DImp is one of the most efficient disk archivers available
                for the Amiga.  It offers 7 different levels of compression,
                the ability to create self-extracting archives, MULTIPLE
                CYLINDER RANGES, ability to work with any floppy compatible
                device (such as RAD: & FMS disks) and it can also add a text-
                file to the archive that will be displayed during extraction.
                Via the GUI interface,  DImp-Win will invoke DImp and tell it
                what to do.  DImp-Win version 1.0, DImp version 2.27.  Requires
                AmigaOS 2.04+.  Binary only.
                Author:  Colin Bell (DImp-Win) and A.J. Brouwer (DImp)

Planetarium     An astronomy program which displays and animates the planets
                of the solar system at specific times.  Useful for quickly and
                easily determining the best times to view the planets, observ-
                ing retrograde, etc.  Version 1.0, OS 1.3, 2.x, 3.0 compatible.
                Shareware, binary only.
                Author:  Jim Schwartz

StatRam         Stat-RAM or 'SD0:' is a very fast recoverable ram drive that
                takes advantage of FFS under WB2 or FFS International under
                WB2.1 or 3.  This work is based on ASDG's 'VD0:'.  ASDG-RAM
                has been reliable for many years since it was placed in the
                PD.  However it has always been slow because it uses OFS, or
                old file system.  On an accelerated machines, SD0: is up to 7
                times faster, and averages 5 times faster than the original
                VD0:.  It's also 4 to 5 times faster than RRD.  It survives
                the deepest re-boot, even the ColdReboot of rekicking a KS
                file.  Version 1.5, binary only.
                Author:  Richard Waspe

TrashIcon       A WorkBench 2.x application icon to delete files.  Puts an
                icon at a possibly user defined position on the WorkBench
                screen, that deletes all files that are dragged onto it.  This
                is version 1.4, an update to version 1.2 on disk number 839.
                Binary only.
                Author:  Mark McPherson

UnivConq        A strategy game where two human players battle for control of
                the universe.  The game has several variables that allow the
                players to vary the density of planets, the initial number of
                ships, and the length of play.  Status information is contin-
                ually updated to allow the player to concentrate on strategy,
                not statistics.  Includes digitized pictures and sound.
                Version 1.08.  Compatible with WB 1.3 & 2.x.  Binary only.
                Author:  Randy Wing


Convert         A units conversion utility inspired by "Units" ( by Gregory
                Simpson) but is easier to use and can be customized by changing
                the data file (conv.dat) alone and does not require recompila-
                tion of the program.   V1.3, binary only.
                Author:  David Whitmore.

ToolManager     Part 1 of a 2 part release of the very popular program by 
                Stefan Becker.  This part contains LHA archives of the binary
                files and graphics.  Part 2 can be found on disk number 873.
                ToolManager is a full featured program for either WorkBench
                or CLI tool management.  Includes the ability to add menu
                items to the 2.x "Tools" menu, add WorkBench icons or dock
                Windows.  Features multi-column docks that automatically
                detect largest image size, ARexx, sound and Locale support.
                Version 2.1, an update to version 2.0 on disk number 752.
                Includes source, lots of graphic images, and programmers
                support for using the toolmanager.library.  Requires 2.x for
                full functionality
                Author:  Stefan Becker


Cross           A program that creates crossword puzzles.  Has a message
                data file to allow easy translation into almost any human
                language, with English and German currently supported.
                This is version 5.1, an update to version 4.1 on disk 537.
                Includes source in M2Amiga Modula-2.
                Author:  Jurgen Weinelt

FInf            A very versatile directory listing utility.  It can examine the
                contents of files and display a short type description.  In
                addition, FInf has a whole slew of options that allow you to
                filter files by type, date, age, size etc., as well as recur-
                sive directory descending, and adjustable output formatting.
                So next to simply listing directories, FInf is extremely useful
                for creating hybrid commands that perform functions closely
                tuned to your specific needs.  Version 1.15, binary only.
                Author:  Peter Struijk

MRIconSort      MRIconSort is a nifty little tool which will alphabetically
                sort and align your icons and optionally create icons for files
                and drawers which don't have them.  If you have drawers with
                tons of icons which are a hopeless jumble, this program is for
                you!  Version 1.01, binary only.
                Author:  Mark R. Rinfret

ToolManager     Part 2 of a 2 part release of the very popular program by
                Stefan Becker.  This part contains an LHA archive of the
                source, TeX docs and programmer's support files.  Part 1 can
                be found on disk number 872.  ToolManager is a full featured
                program for either WorkBench or CLI tool management.  Includes
                the ability to add menu items to the 2.x "Tools" menu, add
                WorkBench icons or dock Windows.  Features multi-column docks
                that automatically detect largest image size, ARexx, sound and
                Locale support.  Version 2.1, an update to version 2.0 on disk
                number 752.  Includes source, lots of graphic images, and
                programmer's support for using the toolmanager.library.
                Requires 2.x for full functionality.
                Author:  Stefan Becker


DFA             NOT just another address utility.  DFA(ddress) features email
                support, dialing, different types of printing addresses, full
                commodity support, application icon, Arexx port, font sensitive
                windows and can be fully directed by the keyboard.  This is
                version 1.23, lots of enhancements and bug fixes since version
                1.1 on disk number 782.  Shareware, binary only.
                Author:  Dirk Federlein

TWA             A commodity that  remembers the last active window on any
                screen.  If screens are shuffled, the window is automatically
                re-activated, when that screen is brought to front.  Version
                1.2, an update to version 1.0 on disk number 781.  Binary only.
                Author:  Matthias Scheler


ADoc            A help utility for the Amiga.  Features include automatic
                search of any work on which you clicked, ability to use Auto-
                Doc and AmigaGuide files, support of locale.library, an AREXX
                port, and more.  Version 3.01, an update to version 1.21 on
                disk number 747.  Binary only.
                Author:  Denis Gounelle

APrf            A print utility with a full Intuition interface, a preview
                function, page selection, line numbering, multi-columns mode,
                customizable headers and footers, an AREXX port, an AppWindow,
                and more.  Includes both English and French versions.  Version
                2.11, an update to version 1.40 on disk number 747.  Binary
                Author:  Denis Gounelle

AZap            A "new generation" binary editor, able to edit files, memory
                or devices like hard disks.  It can open several windows at
                the same time, supports locale.library, and handles all OS3.0
                file systems.  This is version 2.04, an update to version 1.00
                on disk number 759.  Binary only.
                Author:  Denis Gounelle

Blanker         An attempt to provide the Amiga community with a future-
                compatible, easily expandable screen blanker.  Provides a
                a platform for others to write custom screen blanker modules
                and not have to worry about the  difficulties associated with
                setting up a Commodities interface and dealing with concur-
                rency problems.  Version 2.3, includes source and several
                sample blanker modules.
                Author:  Michael D. Bayne

KillAGA         Allows you to run old, badly written, programs (mainly demos
                and some games) from your A1200/4000 hard disk without having
                to continually reboot and switch chip settings.  On return from
                the program, the system returns to full AGA state.  Version
                2.0, binary only.
                Author:  Jolyon Ralph

SeekSpeed       Measures the seek performance of any valid device.  It works
                by using the system's very accurate E clock and measures the
                time taken for seeking and reading varying numbers of sectors
                under both sequential and random access.  Every test is per-
                formed 100 times if possible, and the average reported.  GUI
                interface, can be run form the CLI or WB, Requires OS2.04+.
                Version 37.12, binary only.
                Author:  Richard Waspe


ArmyMiner       An ultimate "XMines-type" game that integrates all of the best
                aspects of the previous Amiga versions of the game.  Options
                include:  Automatically mark or clean the neighbours of a
                square; Safe start (no explosion at first click); Safe click
                (gadget-like behavior for squares); Question marks (for con-
                figuration analysis).  You can also specify your own custom
                board settings.  The game has a very useful pause option,
                sound effects, high-score tables and a very nice interface.
                It works under OS v1.3 or 2.0, NTSC or PAL.  Version 1.1, an
                update to version 1.0 on disk number 851.  Binary only.
                Author:  Alain Laferriere

BattleStar      A fun text-based adventure game.  It is reminiscent of Dungeon
                (aka Zork) and Adventure.  You start out on a space ship under
                attack and must get off and back to the planet.  Ported from
                UNIX, with very little "amiga-i-zation".  Runs from the CLI
                only.  Includes source.
                Author:  David Riggle, Amiga port by David Ingebretsen


Lyapunovia      A  mindboggingly colorful program that produces fractal
                pictures from a simple mathematical formula called "Lyapunov
                Space".  Lyapunovia pictures vary from colorful candy to mean
                metal (or something), offering you everything you ever wanted
                in visual representation of mathematical abstractions.  Lyapun-
                ovia has been tested on all Amigas from WB1.2 to 3.1.  The
                program supports AGA graphics, floating point units, 68020+
                CPUs, and 24-bit output (to 65000 x 65000 pixels!).  A zoom
                factor of 10,000,000,000,000,000 is possible.  Version 1.5,
                an update to V1.0 on disk 784.  This is the full program, the
                difference between the unregistered and the registered version
                has been eliminated.  Binary only, shareware.
                Author:  Jesper Juul


bBaseIII        An easy to use, versatile, yet full featured database program
                that will run on any Amiga.  Search or sort on any field, print
                mailing labels, (un)delete records, mail merge, get reports in
                many formats, scramble files, flag records, and more.  Fields
                are user-configurable, so bBase can be used to keep track of
                addresses, tape or video collections, recipe files, or anything
                else you can think of - one program does it all!  bBaseIII is
                a greatly enhanced successor to bBaseII.  Version 1.3, an
                update to version 1.1 on disk number 760.  Shareware, binary
                Author:  Robert Bromley

DockBrushes     Fifty plus 16-color dock brushes for use with ToolManager,
                AmiDock, or just as Icons.
                Author:  David Voy

DrChip          Four utilities to make your C programming life a little easier.
                Included are:  ccb -- A C-source code indentation beautifier;
                flist -- generates lists of functions from either C or C++
                files; hdrtag -- ViM, Z, and emacs support tags; toproto --
                converts source code to and from old K&R style to the new
                prototype-using style.  Binary only, freeware.
                Author:  Dr. Charles E. Campbell, Jr.

Scypmon         Machine-language monitor with many features.  Provides you with
                all functions like assembler, disassemble, search, transfer,
                fill, trackloadings etc.  Version 1.7, fixes 2 nasty bugs of
                version 1.6 and should now run without errors.  Binary only.
                Author:  Joerg Bublath


DiskTest        A utility to test the integrity of floppy and hard disks, a
                la Norton Utilities.  Version 2.10, an update to version 2.03
                on disk 828.  Requires AmigaDOS 2.04 or later.  Public domain,
                includes source.
                Author:  Maurizio Loreti.

Find            A pattern matching program which uses the weighted Levensthein
                distance algorithm.  Requires OS1.04 or later.  Commodity and
                Arexx Support.  Manual in AmigaGuide format.  Version 1.0,
                Includes source.
                Author:  Karlheinz Klingbeil

Millim          A utility that generates millimetered paper with linear or
                logarithmic scale (both in x and in y) on a PostScript line
                printer (on whatever printer, with a PostScript interpreter
                like Post from Adrian Aylward, disk 669).  Public domain,
                includes source in PostScript.
                Author:  Maurizio Loreti.

Watcher         A little title-bar commodity  which can be customized to show
                various information such as the free space on hard drive par-
                titions, free memory, system time and  date  etc.  Font and
                Overscan sensitive, can jump between public screens by clicking
                on it's Zoom gadget.  Includes WatcherPrefs, a utility that
                allows you to customize what Watcher displays and its general
                behavior.  Version V37, includes source
                Author:  Franz Hemmer


Oberon          This is a freely distributable demo version of a powerful
                compiler for Oberon-2.  Oberon-2 is one of the most modern
                object-oriented languages.  This language was designed with the
                aim to increase the power of Modula-II and to extend it with
                object-oriented facilities while reducing its complexity.
                This implementation features a parallel incremental garbage-
                collector, a runtime source-level debugger, fast compilation,
                optimized code, language extensions to access AmigaOS, etc.
                Version 3.0, an update to version 1.16 on disk 380.  Binary
                Author:  Fridtjof Siebert

SnapWindow      A small utility that allows you to attach window activation/
                pop window-to-front to function keys.  This allows you to
                instantly find and activate the desired window.  Also includes
                a sunmouse and screen blanker.  Version 1.0, binary only.
                Author:  Jason Scott Chvat