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/// The Amiga Report Staff                       Dedicated to serving you!

                                 Editor in Chief

                                  Robert Glover

 GEnie:                               ROB-G
 Portal:                           Coming Soon!
 Delphi:                              ROB_G
 FidoNet:                          1:362/508.6
 Internet:                       ROB_G@Delphi.COM

                                Associate Editors

                               Technical Department

                Micah Thompson                     Robert Niles

 GEnie:           BOOMER.T
 Delphi:                                              RNILES
 FidoNet:                                           1:3407/104
 Internet:           RNILES@Delphi.COM

                               Graphics Department

                                   Mike Troxell

 GEnie:                             M.TROXELL1
 FidoNet:                           1:362/508

                             Contributing Department

                                   Tom Mulcahy

 Delphi:                            16BITTER
 BIX:                                HELMET
 FidoNet:                          1:260/322
 Internet:                     16BITTER@Delphi.COM


                           Contributing Correspondents
                                  Marcus Albers
                               Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

           PC DIVISION           ATARI DIVISION           MAC DIVISION
           ===========           ==============           ============
           Roger D. Stevens      Ralph F. Mariano         R. Albritton