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     From the Editor's Desk      Amiga Report in AmigaGuide format!
       CPU  Status Report        Chapter 11 for CompuAdd
         Online Weekly           People are talking!!!
           BootX News            BootX is back!
         SHI Addresses           Addresses for Safe Hex International
    CBM Shareholder Movement     A move to change CBM's top staff
        Tip of the Week          A few InterNet FTP sites
           A.M.I.G.A.            New Movie!  * AMIGA PARK *  Sneak Preview
    Usenet Review - Cow Wars!    Can you say "MOO!"?
      Acedemia Censorship        Censorship Online
     A Sysop's Point of View     Second of a 3 part column
        Motorola's 68060         Technical info on the new 68060
         Price What?!?           Commentary on GEnie
      The Humor Department       What language do you use?