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/// From the Editor's Desk                        "Editorial Soapbox"

Welcome to the first AmigaGuide issue of Amiga Report!  I hope you enjoy it.
A lot of initial testing and thought has gone into the layout, and this is
what we've come up with.  The design and implementation was done by Robert
Niles, part of the Technical staff.  We will continue to improve the design,
and certainly open to suggestions.  The majority of AmigaGuide codes have been
placed at the very end of the issue, to maintain readability by normal ASCII

In last week's issue, I mentioned two programs to help combat the new F_ck
virus in a sideline of the Press Release about that virus.  These two programs
are not approved by Safe Hex International, but have been tested and are what
they claim to be.  Michael Arends of SHI/West wanted me to make it clear that
they do not endorse those programs, and I want to make it clear that they do
what they are designed to do.  He says they hope to have an 'official' virus
killer with support for this horrible new virus available soon.

We have added another BBS to the Official Distribution Site list.  Please
welcome the Cloud's Corner BBS as another site where Amiga Report can be
found as soon as the issues are available.  This board is fed Amiga Report
immediately after the Headquarters board, Nova, receives it.  I'm working on
getting some sites in the UK and Europe, as our sysops have been reporting
calls from Germany, Australia and Spain.  If we can setup sites overseas,
that will help reduce phone bills for these people.  If you are a BBS
operator overseas with an internet Email address or CompuLink account, and
would like to be a distribution site, please send me Email.

Lastly (but certainly not least), the Amiga staff on Delphi is going to try
to revitalize the area by again having weekly informal conferences.  The
next one is scheduled for Thursday, July 1st at 10 pm Eastern Time.  If you
have a Delphi account, BE THERE.

                              Rob @ Amiga Report