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==  compt.sys.editor.desk                           By:  Jason Compton   ==

It hasn't been easy keeping a cheery disposition since April 29, 1994.

Now, the liquidation chapter of Commodore's existance is all but closed.

Barring an amazing development in the Bahamas Supreme Court, which has all
but promised to echo the decision of the US court, Escom AG will become
the owner of the assets of Commodore International.

What does this mean for us?  I don't know yet.  Early indications aren't
what I would call promising.  Out of the "big three" bidders, two were
never very far away...Alex Amor was always good to hold an online
conference, and David Pleasance could be counted on for a nice UK magazine
article whenever public lethargy warranted.

But Escom has done everything in its power to avoid Amiga users, has lied
to the press, and in general made itself unavailable.

With their manufacturing partners' locale and the clear, stated intent to
restart production of the Commodore 64 for the Chinese market, as well as
plans on the board for a Mac and PC clone under the Commodore name, where
can we possibly fit into Escom's plans?

That, of course, is largely up to Escom.  But there's no rule against
telling them how displeased you'd be if things don't go your way.

Unfortunately, contact with Escom isn't available to me at the moment.  As
soon as I know how to reliably get a hold of them-don't worry, you'll know
too.  And I STRONGLY suggest that we start to put the screws to them now,
before it's too late.

The Amiga's future was never guaranteed, not in 1985, not on April 29,
1994, and certainly not on April 21, 1995.  But I'll be damned if I'm
going to give up now.


PS- Any week now, print magazines will start hitting the shelves, bringing
you their version of the events that have transpired these past two days.
Doubtless, many of you will buy them.  But as you do, please try to
remember what magazine has been bringing you consistent, innovative,
up-to-date information on this liquidation all along-for free.